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• Acknowledgments • I wish to thank the publisher Laterza for coming up with this annalistic format and encouraging me to follow an unusual approach to the study of ancient history. Jean-Michel Carrié, Andrea Giardina, and Michel-Yves Perrin have read the manuscript, and their invaluable suggestions have helped to improve the structure of the work and to correct numerous inaccuracies and imperfections. Various other suggestions concerning research and reading came from friends, colleagues, and students, of whom I would particularly like to thank Garnik Asatrian, Alessandro Barbero, Béatrice Caseau, Carlo Cereti, Riccardo Contini, Bernard Coulie, Lietta De Salvo, Alessio De Siena, Carlo Franco, the late Augusto Fraschetti, Nina Garsoian, Dagmar Gottschall, Anne-Marie Helvétius, Sylvain Janniard, David Konstan, Fabrizio Lelli, Gianfranco Lepore, Patrick Le Roux, Michael Maas, Federico Marazzi, Valerio Marotta, Fergus Millar, Claudia Moatti, the late Yves Modéran, Paolo Ognibene, Antonio Panaino, Arietta Papaconstantinou, Bernardo Santalucia, Alain Segonds, JeanPierre Vallat, Kostja Zuckerman, and Harriet T. Zurndorfer. My thanks to Allan Cameron for helping me to make improvements in this English edition through our correspondence and conversations. Gérard Marino, the translator of the forthcoming French edition (Les Belles Lettres: Paris), was of great help, detecting several misprints in the bibliography. Michael Alram, of the Numismatic Commission of the Austrian Academy of Science, assisted me in finding some illustrations. My student Federico Montinaro produced the maps (with the exception of the one for Constantinople, for which I am indebted to Adriana Anzelmo). Armenia Iberia Antioch Constantinople Diocese of Pontus Ravenna Rome Carthage Arles Alexandria Hispalis Britannia Diocese of Gaul Diocese of Spain P r e f e c t u r e o f G a u l SWABIANS VANDALS FRANKS VISIGOTHS FRANKS ALAMANNI BURGUNDIANS Diocese of Italy HUNS Diocese of Thrace Diocese of Rome Prefecture of Italy P r e f e c t u r e o f I l l y r i a D i o c e s e o f M a c e d o n i a Diocese of Africa Diocese of Dacia Diocese of Egypt D i o c e s e o f t h e O r i e n t MAURI GARAMANTES ARABS SASSANIAN EMPIRE Prefecture of the Orient Diocese of Asia VANDALS AND ALANS MAURI ...


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