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     Monroe E. Price

I. Defining Beijing 2008: Whose World, What Dream?

“One World, Different Dreams”: The Contest to Define the Beijing Olympics
     Jacques deLisle

Olympic Values, Beijing's Olympic Games, and the Universal Market
     Alan Tomlinson

On Seizing the Olympic Platform
     Monroe E. Price

II. Precedents and Perspectives

The Public Diplomacy of the Modern Olympic Games and China's Soft Power Strategy
     Nicholas J. Cull

“A Very Natural Choice”: The Construction of Beijing as an Olympic City during the Bid Period
     Heidi Østbø Haugen

Dreams and Nightmares: History and U.S. Visions of the Beijing Games
     Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom

The Fragility of Asian National Identity in the Olympic Games
     Sandra Collins

Journalism and the Beijing Olympics: Liminality with Chinese Characteristics
     Briar Smith

III. Theaters of Representation

“All Under Heaven”—Megaspace in Beijing
     Carolyn Marvin

From Athens to Beijing: The Closing Ceremony and Olympic Television Broadcast Narratives
     Christopher Kennett and Miquel de Moragas

New Technologies, New Narratives
     Lee Humphreys and Christopher J. Finlay

Embracing Wushu: Globalization and Cultural Diversification of the Olympic Movement
     Hai Ren

“We Are the Media”: Nonaccredited Media and Citizen Journalists at the Olympic Games
     Andy Miah, Beatriz García, and Tian Zhihui

Definition, Equivocation, Accumulation, and Anticipation: American Media's Ideological Reading of China's Olympic Games
     Sonja K. Foss and Barbara J. Walkosz

IV. Conclusion

Toward the Future: The New Olympic Internationalism
     Christopher J. Finlay

Beyond Media Events: Disenchantment, Derailment, Disruption
     Daniel Dayan

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