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Contents Introduction Disability Studies in Commotion with Performance Studies carrie sandahl & philip auslander 1 PART I Taxonomies Disability & Deaf Performances in the Process of Self-De‹nition 13 Delivering Disability, Willing Speech brenda jo brueggemann 17 Dares to Stares Disabled Women Performance Artists & the Dynamics of Staring rosemarie garland thomson 30 Performing Deaf Identity Toward a Continuum of Deaf Performance jessica berson 42 Aesthetic Distance & the Fiction of Disability jim ferris 56 PART II Disability/Deaf Aesthetics, Audiences, & the Public Sphere 69 Shifting Apollo’s Frame Challenging the Body Aesthetic in Theater Dance owen smith 73 The National Theatre of the Deaf Artistic Freedom and Cultural Responsibility in the Use of American Sign Language shannon bradford 86 Shifting Strengths The Cyborg Theater of Cathy Weis jennifer parker-starbuck 95 Theater without a Hero The Making of P.H.*reaks: The Hidden History of People with Disabilities victoria ann lewis 109 PART III Rehabilitating the Medical Model 129 Performing Disability, Problematizing Cure johnson cheu 135 Bodies, Hysteria, Pain Staging the Invisible petra kuppers 147 Performance as Therapy Spalding Gray’s Autopathographic Monologues philip auslander 163 The Facilitation of Learning-Disabled Arts A Cultural Perspective giles perring 175 Beyond Therapy “Performance” Work with People Who Have Profound & Multiple Disabilities melissa c. nash 190 Dementia and the Performance of Self anne davis basting 202 PART IV Performing Disability in Daily Life 215 Looking Blind A Revelation of Culture’s Eye tanya titchkosky 219 Men in Motion Disability and the Performance of Masculinity lenore manderson and susan peake 230 Disrupting a Disembodied Status Quo Invisible Theater as Subversive Pedagogy maureen connolly and tom craig 243 The Tyranny of Neutral Disability and Actor Training carrie sandahl 255 PART V Reading Disability in Dramatic Literature 269 Un‹xing Disability in Lord Byron’s The Deformed Transformed sharon l. snyder 271 On Medea, Bad Mother of the Greek Drama (Disability, Character, Genopolitics) marcy j. epstein 284 Disability’s Invisibility in Joan Schenkar’s Signs of Life and Heather McDonald’s An Almost Holy Picture stacy wolf 302 Reconsidering Identity Politics, Essentialism, and Dismodernism An Afterword peggy phelan 319 Contributors 327 Index 333 viii Contents ...


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