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Glossary AAB Army air base AB Air base AC Aircraft commander ADC Air Defense Command Aerobatic Aerial acrobatic maneuver AFB Air force base AFIT Air Force Institute of Technology AFR Air force regulation AFSC Air force specialty code AIC Academic Instructor Course Aileron Control surface on the trailing edge of a wing, used in turns Airacobra Bell p-39 fighter plane Aldis lamp Signal lamp that has three directional beams of light (green, amber, and red) for use in directing air traffic Altimeter setting A number, designating the current atmospheric pressure at a given location, that a pilot sets on the altimeter on his instrument panel; 29.92 is standard sea level pressure Ammo Ammunition Angels A plane's altitude above sea level (e.g., Angels 2=2,000 feet) AO Airdrome officer AOCP Aircraft out of commission, awaiting parts APIT Armor-piercing, incendiary, tracer. The 395 396 Armor-piercing round ATC AUC AWOL Bailout Balls out, or balls to the wall Bandit B-4 bag Big Friend Bird dog types of bullets loaded into ammunition belts for aircraft machine guns in recurring sets of 5 bullets (e.g., 2 AP, 2 I, I T, 2 AP, 2 I, etc.) A bullet that can penetrate armor plate Air traffic control; or Air Transport Command Air University Command Absent without official leave To jump out of an airplane Fly at top speed Enemy airplane A combination garment bag/valise with two side pockets Allied bomber (I) Radio compass; (2) follow-up on a project until all agencies concerned have approved it Black Dispatch General term referring to all newspapers and magazines publishing news about African Americans Bogey Unknown (i.e., whether friendly or enemy) aircraft BOQ Bachelor officers quarters Bore sighting Alignment of fixed, forward-firing aircraft machine guns to ensure that the bullets of all such guns converge at the same point ahead of the aircraft Boring holes (through the air) Flying without performing any specific mission , just to build up flying time Bought the farm Break ground Bug out Buzzing Canopy Cartwheel, or vertical reverse Caterpillar Club« Glossary Was killed in a crash or a dogfight Take off in an airplane To flee, helter skelter Flying low, close to the ground The plastic window (" bubble") that covers the pilots' cockpit An aerial acrobatic maneuver An informal association of people who have had to parachute from an airplane in an emergency CAVU Ceiling and visibility unlimited Chandelle An aerial acrobatic maneuver Checklist An oral or written list of things to be done at a particular phase of flight (e.g., pretakeoff --, or prelanding --) Check the locks In a poker card game, saying "check" instead of betting when holding an unbeatable hand Chug-a-Iug Drinking the entire contents of a full glass, nonstop Chute Parachute CIGFTPR Pretakeoff checklist in which the pilot checks the controls, ignition, gas, flaps, trim tabs, propellor(s), run up (of the engine at full power) "Clear!" Loudly spoken command by the pilot to the ground crewman outside the airplane before starting the engine, meaning "Stand clear!" (of the propellor) Clearance (I) Approval of a proposed flight plan; (2) permission to leave a base upon transfer by accounting for all funds and government property for which a person is responsible CO Commanding officer COC Combat Operations Center Command pilot The highest aeronautical rating in the U.S. Air Force, symbolized by a pair of silver wings with a star encircled by a wreath on the top of the wings CONAC Continental Air Command Cone of silence The narrow inverted cone of space, with its apex on the ground, rising above an airfield at the intersection of radio beams Connie Lockheed Constellation-a four-engine passenger plane "Contact!" See "Clear!" Contrail The condensation trail, visible to the naked eye, that is made by hot airplane engine exhaust gases in cold, moist air usually at high altitudes Glossary » 397 398 « Control stick Stick, mounted vertically on the floor of an airplane cockpit, used by the pilot to raise or lower the nose or each wing by movement forward or aft and sideward Cowling CPTP CQ Cross country Cuban 8 A metal ring that encloses the cylinders of an airplane engine Civilian Pilot Training Program Charge of quarters (an NCO on duty at a unit's orderly room after duty hours) Navigation training flight An aerial acrobatic maneuver Cut the mustard Do a job well enough to meet usual stanGlossary DCSIO Dead reckoning Deck Dinghy DNIF Dodo Dogfight DOR...


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