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—-1 —0 —+1 The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot Errata Volume 1 First photo gallery, first and second photos are now switched in order. The caption for the newly placed first photo is altered – “Class of 1905” replaced with “The Fifth-Year Class, Classical Course Students, 1903-04,” p. xi: New entry on Contents page, just before Index – Appendix. Philosophy A: Syllabus for an Introductory Course from the Pre-Socratics to the Renaissance p. 71: 3rd paragraph, line 6 – “intermediary” now reads “intermediate” p. 74: line 12 from end – “real” now reads “real” p. 74: line 11 from end – “between the divided extension and the pure inextension ” now reads “between divided extension and pure inextension” p. 177, Note 4 – “the final Michaelmas essay” now reads “the penultimate Michaelmas essay” p. 625, Note 2 – the complete text of the note on John Rickaby, SJ, has been replaced with: Joseph Rickaby, SJ (1845-1932), English priest, philosopher, and assistant master of Pope’s Hall (later Campion Hall), Oxford. TSE signed his copy of Rickaby’s Scholasticism (1908) and assigned it for three meetings on his 1913 syllabus for Philosophy A at Harvard. See appendix (777). p. 775: Instead of the index beginning on this page, an appendix containing a lately discovered document, the 1913 syllabus for Philosophy A at Harvard University, appears. The index follows on page 783. 349-55845_140_eliot_errata_9P.indd 791 349-55845_140_eliot_errata_9P.indd 791 12/3/14 5:19 PM 12/3/14 5:19 PM ...


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