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“Credit where credit is due” is one of the better idioms, and the overwhelming share of any acclaim for The Blue, The Gray, and the Green belongs to its contributing authors. it has been a great pleasure to edit the work of such insightful scholars, and they have all been kind enough to forgive me for (or at least to ignore) any editorial fumbles on my part. it was also a pleasure to be present at the creation; the book’s chapters began life as papers for the third annual UnCivil Wars conference, held in Athens, Georgia, in october 2011. Thus, many thanks are due Sam Thomas and the T. R. R. Cobb House for hosting the conference sessions and keeping us fed and watered in between. Thanks, as well, to Vince and Barbara Dooley for opening their home to our motley crew for both the conference’s keynote address—delivered with panache by Mark Smith— and its inaugural dinner. The Watson-Brown Foundation and the University of Georgia’s Willson Center for Humanities and Arts earn a tip of the hat for their financial contributions. The authors and the editor alike are grateful for the intellectual insights of conference commenters James Giesen , David Moltke-Hansen, kathy Newfont, and Albert Way, and of two anonymous readers for the University of Georgia Press. Particular thanks are due Paul Sutter for his thoughtful observations at our closing dinner and for his similarly thoughtful conclusion in this volume. John inscoe not only wrote a chapter for The Blue, The Gray, and the Green but also assisted me as an unofficial consultant and guide to the intricacies of editor-hood. Similarly, Mick Gusinde-Duffy has been a diligent and affable champion of the manuscript at the press. Finally, as conference co-organizer as well as a friend, Stephen W. Berry ii deserves a snappy present-arms for the myriad ways in which he furthered this project. ACkNoWLEDGMENTS This page intentionally left blank THE BLUE, THE GRAY, AND THE GREEN This page intentionally left blank ...


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