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155 Freedom Star (Meridian, MS) The Freedom Star was published by students attending the Meridian Freedom School. Although Hattiesburg was known as the “Mecca of the Freedom School world,” Meridian actually had the largest single Freedom School, regularly drawing over two hundred students per day. If Hattiesburg was the Freedom School world’s “Mecca,” then Meridian was its epicenter. Meridian Freedom School students were among the most visible Freedom School leaders in the state and played major roles in organizing and leading the short-lived Mississippi Student Union (MSU). Because of its size and active student body, Meridian was chosen as the site of the Freedom School Convention that convened between August 6 and 8. Opening on the night of murdered activist and Meridian native James Chaney’s funeral, the Freedom School Convention brought together representatives from dozens of schools across the state. The students shared ideas, formed the MSU, and welcomed a powerful slate of guest speakers that included A. Philip Randolph, Bob Moses, and Staughton Lynd. Meridian Freedom School leaders used the Freedom Star to organize the convention, using the paper to request housing, plan activities, and later report on the convention. The de facto class president of the Meridian Freedom Schools, a seventeenyear -old student named Roscoe Jones, still lives in Meridian and is active in that community. July 23, 1964 Meridian to Host Freedom School Convention On the weekend of the 7–9 of August, Meridian Freedom School is to be the host for the convention of all the Freedom Schools across the state. Each of the schools will be sending approximately three delegates to find housing for 75 students and 25 coordinators. If you would be willing to put up one or two of the students in your home please call 402-1045. Freedom Star (Meridian, MS) 156 Details of the convention will be announced later; they are being worked out this weekend by delegates from the various schools at a meeting in Jackson. Rev. King to Visit Meridian This Friday, July 14, Meridian will be honored by a very important visitor. The Rev. Martin Luther King will be here to speak in behalf of the Summer Project. We will speak in the First Union and St.John Baptist Church; both meetings will begin at 7:30.We urge that everyone attend these meetings. We also urge that anyone over 21 years of age who has not yet Freedom Registered do so immediately.Any questions will be gladly answered at the COFO office—462-6103. Statewide Freedom School Softball League to Be Formed Our Meridian Freedom School will be entering a team in the statewide softball league this summer. The games will be held every Saturday at the different school in the state. It is hoped that everyone will support our team and help us to win the championship. Interview with Steve S. Meridian Freedom reporter Fatu. interviewed busy Steve S. the other morning as he was on his way to class. Fat was interested in finding out Steve’s impressions of Meridian after coming here from New York City. She asked Steve how the police force in New York differed from that in New York. He answered that he felt that the Meridian police represented only the white person; he added that if he took a wrong turn in a Negro neighborhood in New York the police would probably simply stop him and help him find his way, but when the same situation occurs in Freedom Star (Meridian, MS) 157 Mississippi, the police ask you where you are going and what you want. Steve did say that he couldn’t speak about all the police in Mississippi. Next Fat asked how Steve felt about teaching Negroes. He answered that he felt wonderful; he said that he had heard that the children here wouldn’t accept white teachers from the North because they were used to the Southern whites. He also said that he was glad to be teaching because he felt very strongly about the fact that the people here are being denied many rights which are due to them. Two Interviews with the Famous Ronnie De S. Q. I want to ask you something about your life in England. Can you describe what kind of homes you live in and how different was your life in England from what it is in the U.S.? A. In many English towns there are long rows of houses that all look the same; They are...


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