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v CONTENTS Acknowledgments vii Introduction: Essays Beyond the Nation 1 CAROLINE F. LEVANDER AND ROBERT S. LEVINE 1 Hemispheric Jamestown 18 ANNA BRICKHOUSE 2 The Hemispheric Genealogies of “Race”: Creolization and the Cultural Geography of Colonial Difference across the Eighteenth-Century Americas 36 RALPH BAUER 3 “La Famosa Filadelfia”: The Hemispheric American City and Constitutional Debates 57 RODRIGO LAZO 4 The Other Country: Mexico, the United States, and the Gothic History of Conquest 75 JESSE ALEMÁN 5 An American Mediterranean: Haiti, Cuba, and the American South 96 MATTHEW PRATT GUTERL 6 Expropriating The Great South and Exporting “Local Color”: Global and Hemispheric Imaginaries of the First Reconstruction 116 JENNIFER RAE GREESON 7 The Mercurial Space of “Central” America: New Orleans, Honduras, and the Writing of the Banana Republic 140 KIRSTEN SILVA GRUESZ vi CONTENTS 8 “I’m the Everybody Who’s Nobody”: Genealogies of the New World Slave in Paul Robeson’s Performances of the 1930s 166 MICHELLE A. STEPHENS 9 The Promises and Perils of U.S. African American Hemispherism: Latin America in Martin Delany’s Blake and Gayl Jones’s Mosquito 187 IFEOMA C. K. NWANKWO 10 PEN and the Sword: U.S.–Latin American Cultural Diplomacy and the 1966 PEN Club Congress 206 DEBORAH COHN 11 The Hemispheric Routes of “El Nuevo Arte Nuestro”: The Pan American Union, Cultural Policy, and the Cold War 223 CLAIRE F. FOX 12 Memín Pinguín, Rumba, and Racism: Afro-Mexicans in Classic Comics and Film 249 ROBERT MCKEE IRWIN 13 “Out of This World”: Islamic Irruptions in the Literary Americas 266 TIMOTHY MARR 14 Of Hemispheres and Other Spheres: Navigating Karen Tei Yamashita’s Literary World 294 KANDICE CHUH 15 The Northern Borderlands and Latino Canadian Diaspora 313 RACHEL ADAMS Afterword: The Times of Hemispheric Studies 328 SUSAN GILLMAN Notes on Contributors 337 Index 341 ...


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