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Table of Contents List of Illustrations vii List of Contributors xi Part I: Historical Overview 1 1. Introduction 3 Chris Berry and Lisa Rofel 2. Rethinking China’s New Documentary Movement: 15 Engagement with the Social Lu Xinyu, translated by Tan Jia and Lisa Rofel, edited by Lisa Rofel and Chris Berry 3. DV: Individual Filmmaking 49 Wu Wenguang, translated by Cathryn Clayton Part II: Documenting Marginalization, or Identities New and Old 55 4. West of the Tracks: History and Class-Consciousness 57 Lu Xinyu, translated by J. X. Zhang 5. Coming out of The Box, Marching as Dykes 77 Chao Shi-Yan Part III: Publics, Counter-Publics, and Alternative Publics 97 6. Blowup Beijing: The City as a Twilight Zone 99 Paola Voci vi Table of Contents 7. Watching Documentary: Critical Public Discourses and Contemporary Urban Chinese Film Clubs 117 Seio Nakajima 8. Alternative Archive: China’s Independent Documentary Culture 135 Chris Berry and Lisa Rofel Part IV: Between Filmmaker and Subject: Re-creating Realism 155 9. Translating the Unspeakable: On-Screen and Off-Screen Voices in Wu Wenguang’s Documentary Work 157 Bérénice Reynaud 10. From “Public” to “Private”: Chinese Documentary and the Logic of Xianchang 177 Luke Robinson 11. Excuse Me, Your Camera Is in My Face: Auteurial Intervention in PRC New Documentary 195 Yomi Braester 12. “I Am One of Them” and “They Are My Actors”: Performing, Witnessing, and DV Image-Making in Plebian China 217 Yiman Wang Appendix 1: Biographies of Key Documentarians 237 Complied by Chen Ting and Chris Berry Appendix 2: Sources of Films 251 Notes 253 List of Chinese Names 285 List of Chinese Film and Video Titles 287 Index 295 ...