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a c k n o w l e d g m e n t s I would like to thank the following people for support and stimulating discussion during the writing of Absence and Light: Elizabeth Claman, Robin Cochran, Paul Elie, John Haislip, Robert Kyr, Denise Levertov, Robert Hill Long, Barry Lopez, James B. and Diane S. Pink, Robert F. Pink, Mary Randlett, Richard Rodriguez, Karla Schultz, John Stuhr, David Rains Wallace, John Witte, Ken Zimmerman, and most of all, my wife, Holly V. Campbell. Thanks also to Trudy McMurrin and Scott Slovic for their efforts on behalf of this book. A 1990 Summer Fellowship at The Oregon Humanities Center, University of Oregon, facilitated the beginning of Absence and Light. The poets of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers Poetry Program, 1991, including Lucille Clifton, Galway Kinnell, Sharon Olds, and C. K. Williams, offered me valuable insight and advice, as did the writers at the first Art of the Wild Program, 1992, especially Robert Hass, Sandra McPherson,Walter Pavlich, and Gary Snyder. A 1997 Writers Exchange award from Poets and Writers allowed me to travel to New York City and provided needed perspective on the manuscript in revision. Meditations One and Two first appeared as “Absence and Light” in The North American Review 282, no. 1 (1997). Meditations Thirty-five, Thirty-seven, and Thirty-eight first appeared in the anthology Hard Love:Writings on Violence and Intimacy, edited by Elizabeth Claman (Eugene, Ore.: Queen of Swords Press, 1997). absence and light par t one ...


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