restricted access Remodernist Film Manifesto (USA, 2008)

An offshoot of Stuckism, a movement started by Billy Childish and Charles Thomson, remodernism argues for a move away from the irony and cynicism of postmodernism and a rediscovery of the spiritual aspects of art. Jesse Richards’s “Remodernist Film Manifesto” applies the ideas of remodernism to cinema, arguing for a gritty, DIY style of filmmaking that harks back to the No Wave films of the 1970s—like those of the Cinema of Transgression—embracing Super 8 and 16 mm production and rejecting the technical constraints of Dogme ’95. In many ways what Richards is arguing for is similar to what Paul Schrader called the “transcendent style” in his book Transcendental Style in Film: Ozu, Bresson, Dreyer (1972).