restricted access Creative Film (Germany, 1935)

On 25 April 1935, German Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda Joseph Goebbels opened the German International Film Congress at the Kroll Opera in Berlin. Along with inviting participants from approximately forty nations, totaling some two thousand delegates, Goebbels gave this speech at the Closure of the International Congress before the closing screening of Das Mädchen Johanna (Gustav Ucicky, 1935), a retelling of the Joan of Arc narrative, with Joan espousing the words of Hitler. In his speech Goebbels argued that film must eschew vulgar populism and radical aesthetic experimentation and instead show the lives of the people of a country as they are. Needless to say the lives of the people “as they are” was being determined by the State and its own propagandistic vision of the Greater German Reich.