restricted access Manifesto of the National Front of Cinematographers (Mexico, 1975)

Quite unlike the Mexican “New Cinema Group” manifesto of 1961, this manifesto explicitly engages with the politics of the Mexican state and the status of cinema within it, placing Mexican cinema in the rubric of Third Cinema and of Latin American struggles against colonization and dictatorship. Nevertheless, the manifesto does cut some slack to the ruling PRI (Partido revolucionario institucional), which the manifesto scribes argue has changed for the better in the previous six years. While left unstated, these changes come after the state-sanctioned Tlatelolco Massacre on 2 October 1968 during the lead-up to the Olympic games in Mexico City, a moment of political awakening to many and documented by Mexican writer and activist Elena Poniatowska in her book La noche de Tlatelolco (1971).