restricted access Cinema of Transgression Manifesto (USA, 1985)

Greatly infl uenced by Punk and the No Wave scene in New York, Nick Zedd’s “Cinema of Transgression Manifesto” delineated a new form of underground cinema that traded in the kind of shock and humor typically left out of the canon of New York avant-garde cinemas, drawing as it does on some of the tropes of exploitation fi lm. Zedd, and other “Transgression” fi lmmakers like Richard Kern, produced no-budget, Super-8 fi lms that challenged the boundaries of the underground, labeling itself as an “Other” cinema. Indeed, unlike other iterations of the New York avant-garde that espouse various degrees of spirituality, Zedd proclaims the “Cinema of Transgression” as atheist. Zedd also decries the academicism of experimental fi lmmaking, dismissing fi lm schools and fi lm theory in the process.