restricted access Prolegomena for All Future Cinema (France, 1952)

This manifesto is Guy Debord’s first published work, from the one-shot journal Ion, dedicated to Lettriste cinema. Debord deploys the Lettriste concepts of the “chiseling” and “amplic” phases of art in this manifesto, but one can see he is already moving away from Isidore Isou’s brand of Lettrism as he postulates his theory of “situations” in the concluding line of the manifesto. Published slightly before the release of his first film, Hurlements en faveur de Sade (France, 1952), this issue of Ion also includes the preliminary script to the film, which contained found footage elements and is quite different from the final version, which is made up of alternating clear film and black leader with voice-overs on the clear leader. The last twenty-four minutes of the film consist only of black leader and are silent.