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CONTENTS LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS viii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ix INTRODUCTION 1 Chapter One 5 History of Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Railway System Chapter Two 15 How the AT&SF Marketed Santa Fe into the Early 1920s Chapter Three 33 The Promotion of Santa Fe by the Harvey Company and the AT&SF into the 1930s Chapter Four 63 Promoting Santa Fe the AT&SF Way—Then and Now Chapter Five 79 The Town Down the Tracks: Santa Fe’s Rival—Albuquerque Chapter Six 97 The AT&SF’s Lingering Effects on Tourism in Modern Day Santa Fe Appendix A 101 Brochures by the AT&SF and the Fred Harvey Company Appendix B 107 Santa Fe Hotel Listings, 1880 to 1940 Appendix C 111 Santa Fe Curio Shop Listings, 1900 to 1940 Appendix D 115 Population, Albuquerque and Santa Fe Appendix E 117 Albuquerque Curio Listings Appendix F 121 Albuquerque Hotel Listings Appendix G 125 Tourism Statistics (Lodgers’ Tax Reports) NOTES 127 BIBLIOGRAPHY 147 INDEX 157 ...