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Acknowledgments ix 1. Conversations, Generations, Genres: Anthropological Knowing as a Form of Life 1 Roma Chatterji 2. Ethnography in the Time of Martyrs: History and Pain in Current Anthropological Practice 21 Sylvain Perdigon 3. Pedagogies of the Clinic: Learning to Live (Again and Again) 38 Aaron Goodfellow 4. Disembodied Conjugality 55 Lotte Buch Segal 5. Word, Image, and Movement: Translating Pain 69 Ein Lall and Roma Chatterji 6. Conceptual Vita 84 Bhrigupati Singh 7. The Child Bears Witness: Menace, Despair, and Hope in a Courtroom 105 Pratiksha Baxi 8. Experiments with Fate: Buddhist Morality and Human Rights in Thailand 128 Don Selby 9. Communitas and Recovered Life: Suffering and Recovery in the Sikh Carnage of 1984 154 Yasmeen Arif 10. Sexual Violence, Law, and Qualities of Affiliation 172 Sameena Mulla 11. On Feelings and Finiteness in Everyday Life 191 Clara Han Contents viii Contents 12. “Listening to Voices”: Immigrants, Settlers, and Citizens at the Ethnic Margins of the State 211 Sangeeta Chattoo 13. Punjabi Inscriptions of Kinship and Gender: Sayings and Songs 236 Rita Brara 14. In the Event of an Anthropological Thought 258 Anand Pandian 15. The Ayodhya Dispute: Law’s Imagination and the Functions of the Status Quo 273 Deepak Mehta 16. The Death of Nature in the Era of Global Warming 288 Naveeda Khan 17. Triste Romantik: Ruminations on an Ethnographic Encounter with Philosophy 300 Andrew Brandel 18. Making Claims to Tradition: Poetics and Politics in the Works of Young Maithil Painters 318 Mani Shekhar Singh 19. The Mirror as Frame: Time and Narrative in the Folk Art of Bengal 347 Roma Chatterji 20. Adjacent Thinking: A Postscript 372 Veena Das 21. Between Words and Lives. A Thought on the Coming Together of Margins, Violence, and Suffering: An Interview with Veena Das 400 Notes 413 Bibliography 445 List of Contributors 469 Index 473 ...


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