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Table of Contents List of Illustrations vi Preface ix Chapter 1 2 Learning from Macao: An Introduction Chapter 2 20 Seven Libraries Chapter 3 38 Igreja e Seminário São José (St Joseph’s Seminary and Church) Chapter 4 60 Igreja de São Domingos (Church of St Dominic) Chapter 5 80 Ruínas de São Paulo (Ruins of St Paul’s) Chapter 6 98 Neo-Classicism Chapter 7 118 Walling the City Chapter 8 136 Macao’s Chinese Architecture Chapter 9 158 Colonialism and Modernity Chapter 10 180 Camões and the Casa Garden Chapter 11 198 Is Postmodern Macao’s Architecture Baroque? Chapter 12 224 Death in Macao Notes 234 Glossary of Terms 249 Index of Macao Places 254 General Index 256 ...


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