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BIBLIOGRAPHY (A) Ts'ao Yii ^ LIS T O F PLAY S Lei-yii S M (Thunderstorm) , Shanghai : Wen-hua sheng-huo ch'u-pan-she, *934Jih -chy u B & (Sunrise) , Shanghai : Wen-hua sheng-huo ch'u-pan-she, 1936. Yuan-yeh M W (The wilderness), Shanghai: Wen-hua sheng-huo ch'u-pan-she, Peh-ching jen d h ^A (Pekin g man), Shanghai : Wen-hua sheng-huo ch'u-panshe , 1940 . Shui-pienJfefH (Metamorphosis) , Shanghai: Wen-hua sheng-huo ch'u-pan-she, 1940. ChiafR (Family) , Shanghai: Wen-hua sheng-huo ch'u-pan-she, 1942. (A play based o n Pa Chin' sEL^f e novel of the same title.) Cheng-tsai hsiang lE'&M, (Just thinking), Shanghai : Wen-hua sheng-huo ch'u pan-she, 1946. (A one-act play.) Ch'iaojjjf (Bridge) . Shanghai : Wen-hua sheng-huo ch'u-pan-she, 1947 . Jou-mi-ou yii yiu-li-yeh fic3Bfcf£ifflSS § (Rome o an d Juliet) , Shanghai : Wen-hua sheng-huo ch'u-pan-she, 1949 . ( A translatio n o f Shakespeare' s Romeo and Juliet.) Ming-lang-ti t'ien BJiISBfi&3c (Bright skies) , Peking: Jen-min-wen-hsiieh ch'upan -she, 1956. Chien-tan p'ienJK!IH B j§| (The gall and the sword), Peking: Jen-min-wen-hsiieh ch'u-pan-she, 1962 . CRITICAL STUDIE S Chang Pao-hu a ?ft^^. 'Ts'a o Yii tung-chih t'an chii-tso ' WSl^Si^iOf P (Comrade Ts'ao Yii on playwriting), Wen-i pao ^tljjfg, No . 17 2 (April , *957)Ch 'en, David Y. iCM. 'The Trilogy of Ts'ao Yii and Western Drama', Asia and the Humanities, ed. Horst Frenz (1959), pp. 26-37. 8o Bibliography Chien Ling et al. jft Auden , W. H. 'The Christian Tragic Hero: Contrasting Captain Ahab's Doom and It s Classi c Greek Prototype', in Tragedy: Modern Essays in Criticism, ed. Laurenc e Miche l an d Richar d B . Sewall . Englewoo d Cliffs , N.J. : Prentice Hall, 1963. Barthes, Roland . On Racine, trans. Richar d Howard , Ne w York: Hil l an d Wang, 1964. Brooks, Cleanth . 'Introduction' , i n Tragic Themes in Western Literature, ed. Cleant h Brooks . New Haven: Yal e University Press, 1958 . CoUingwood, R . G . The Principles of Art. Ne w York: Oxfor d Universit y Press, 1958. Fergusson, Francis . The Idea of a Theatre. New York: Doubleday , 1955 . Fielder, Lesli e A . 'Sau l Bellow' , i n Contemporary Literature, ed . Richar d Kostelanetz. Ne w York: Avon, 1964 . Forster, E . M . Aspects of the Novel. Ne w York: Harcour t Brace, 1954 . Grene, David. 'Introduction to Hippolytus', in The Complete Greek Tragedies, ed. Davi d Gren e an d Richmon d Lattimore . Chicago : Th e Universit y o f Chicago Press, 1959. Hsia, C . T. A History of Modern Chinese Fiction: igij-igsj. Ne w Haven : Yale University Press, 1961. The Classic Chinese Novel: A Critical Introduction. New York: Columbia University Press, 1968. Ibsen, Henrik . Six Plays . . ., trans. Eva Le Gallienne. New York: Moder n % Library , 1957. Lawrence, D. H. Studies in Classic American Literature. New York: Doubleday , 1955Miller , Arthur . 'Th e Shadow s o f th e Gods' , i n American Playwrights on - Drama, ed. Horst Frenz . New York: Hill and Wang, 1965. Ou-yang, Yu-ch'ie n ©cH^ff . Hui-i ch'un-liu EpftSf P (Sprin g Willo w Society recollected), Chung-kuo hua-chii wu-shih-nien shih-liao-chi ip IH 1§ Ml E + ^ ^ . ^ ^ (Fift y years of the dramatic movement in China: a collection of historical essays). Prepared by the Editorial Committee. Peking: Chungkuo hsi-chii ch'u-pan-she, 1958 . Racine, Jean. Tragedies choisies de Racine. New York: Doubleday , 1962 . Rougemont, Deni s de . Love in the Western World, trans . Montgomer y Belgion. New York: Doubleday, 1957. Schwartz, Benjamin . In Search of Wealth and Power: Yen Fu and the West. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard Universit y Press, 1964. Tsy ao Yii: a Study in Literary Influence 8 3 Scott, A. C. Literature and the Arts in Twentieth Century China. New York: Doubleday, 1963. Sokel, Walter H., ed. An Anthology of German Expressionist Drama: A Prelude to the Absurd. New York: Doubleday , 1963 . Stanislavsky, Constantin . My Life in Art, trans . J. J . Robbins . Ne w York : Little, Brown, 1924. Stanton, Stephen S., ed. Camille and Other Plays. New York: Hill and Wang, Thompson, Ala n Reynolds . The Anatomy of Drama. Berkele y an d Lo s Angeles: University of California Press , 1946. Trilling, Lionel. 'Two Notes...


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