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Dedicated to the memory of my teacher T. A. HSI A (1916-1965) What I know about life and literature I learned from him. Acknowledgements Some part s o f thi s boo k hav e bee n publishe d a s article s i n variou s journals an d gratefu l acknowledgemen t i s made to the editor s o f thes e journals fo r permissio n t o mak e us e o f th e followin g material : 'Tw o emancipated Phaedras: Chou Fan-y i and Abbie Putnam as social rebels/ Journal of Asian Studies, XXV , no . 4 (Augus t 1966 ) 699-711 ; 'Ts'a o Yii, the Reluctan t Disciple o f Chekhov: a comparative study of Sunrise and The Cherry Orchard,' Modern Drama, 9 , no . 4 (Februar y 1967 ) 358-372; 'Pekin g Ma n an d Ivanov : portrait s o f tw o superfluous men / Contemporary Literature, 10 , no. 1 (Winter 1969 ) 85-102. Chung Chi College JOSEP H S . M . LA U The Chinese University of Hong Kong ...