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The Hong Kong Construction Association, Ltd. 3/F., 180-182, Hennessy Road , Wanchai, Hong Kong. Cable : "BUCONAS" HONG KONG Tel : 572 441 4 Fax : 572 710 4 The remar k tha t Hon g Kon g i s one vast construction camp is not far from the truth. Ove r th e pas t fou r years th e constructio n industr y had an uninterrupted growth o f 19 % annuall y an d tota l constructio n expenditures hav e maintaine d a consisten t leve l of between 8% and 10 % o f th e gros s domesti c product . With th e hug e infrastructur e project s planne d o r committed i n th e comin g decad e an d beyon d i t i s necessary to ensure stable an d secur e condition s i n which th e constructio n industry can plan, develop and allocate its resources t o mee t th e requirement s o f the programme , an d a s 199 7 approache s th e independence of the industry needs to be strenghtened. The Hong Kong Constructio n Associatio n t o celebrat e its 70t h Anniversar y commissione d the "Building Hong Kong" to record the achievements o f th e constructio n industry i n th e developmen t o f Hon g Kong, to thank the Government o f Hon g Kon g fo r it s support , th e industry's Consultant s fo r thei r understanding , the Public of Hong Kong for their tolerance and abov e al l the Member s o f HKCA , thei r staf f an d worker s for their efforts in making Hong Kong wha t i t i s today . On behal f o f HKC A I thank Sir David Wilson, Governor of Hong Kong, Sir David Aker-Jones , Chairma n o f th e Hong Kon g Housin g Authorit y an d th e Honourabl e Mr Kenneth Kwok Wai Kai, Secretary for Works , fo r thei r encouragement an d t o provid e th e foreword s t o "Building Hong Kong". I am honoured an d privilege d t o b e th e Hon g Kon g Construction Association' s Presiden t i n it s commemorative yea r an d I wish the Association success in the challenges ahead. K L Chong ^J President The Hong Kong Construction Association, Ltd ...


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