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Appendices 285 Appendix V List of the Commonly Used Reference Books in North America 1. Chao, Yuan-ren (1968) A Grammar of Spoken Chinese. Berkeley/Los Angeles: University of California Press. Its Chinese translation (汉语口语语 法) was published in 2001 by Shangwu Yinshu Guan (商务印书馆). 2. Chao, Yuan-ren (1948a and 1948b) Mandarin Primer: An Intensive Course in Spoken Chinese. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. [Although this book is generally considered a textbook, the first two parts provide teachers and students with necessary information about the Chinese language and the method of teaching and learning the language. Hence, it may be considered a reference book as well.] 3. Li C. and S. Thompson (1981) Mandarin Chinese: A Functional Reference Grammar. Berkeley/Los Angeles: University of California Press. 4. Liu, Yue-hua (刘月华), W. W. Pan (潘文娱), and W. Gu (故玮) (2002) 《实 用现代汉语语法》 (Practical Grammar of Modern Chinese, extended edition). Beijing: Shangwu Yinshu Guan (商务印书馆). 5. Lu, Bi-song (吕必松) (1999) 《对外汉语教学概论》 (Introduction to Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language). Beijing: National Education Board (国家教委). 6. Lu, Shu-xiang (吕叔湘) (1980) 《现代汉语八百词》 (Eight-hundred Words of Modern Chinese). Beijing: Shangwu Yinshu Guan (商务印书馆). 7. Wieger, L (1965) Chinese Characters. New York: Dover Publications, Inc. (This book gives a list of 224 traditionally used radicals, explains the origin, etymology, creation, history, classification, and significance of these primitives in both Chinese and English). 8. Wenlin ( on-line dictionary and software for learning Chinese created by Wenlin Institute, Inc. ...