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A g r e e m e n t s u p p l e m e n t s 403 user-bAseD Design mAp loCAtion H, 4 threAD loCAtion Page 37 sCApe System View User-Based Design User Systems to to Contributor Amy Edick relAteD ArtiFACts Abels, E., White, M., & Hahn, K. (1998). A user-based design process for web sites. Internet Research, 8(1), 39. Annotation: This article went over the second leg of the experiments on userbased design. I think this article was important to include because it went over actual user-based input that was being used. It showed the stages and what it takes to include it. Abels, E., White, M., & Kim, S. (2007). Developing subject-related web sites collaboratively : The virtual business information center. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 33(1), 27. Annotation: For some reason, I am always drawn to case studies. They seem to work no matter what topic you are using. I picked this study because it went through the process that is involved with user-based design. Hippel, E, V. (1995, May). User learning, “sticky information,” and user-based design. Retrieved from .pdf?sequence=1 Annotation: This article goes over the working between the manufacturer and the user when creating the product needed. They make a good point that “user needs” change so much that it is hard to put out a product that is at the same level for everyone. Figure 238 ...


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