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BIOGRAPHICAL DATA The following is based largely on G. P. Savidis, "'ϊ,χεΒίασμα Χρονολογίας τον Γιώργου 'ϊ,εφέρη," Εποχές, Vol. VIII (Dec. 1963) · 1900. Born to Stelios and Despo Seferiades on February 29, in Smyrna. 1914. Moved with his family from Smyrna to Athens, where he received his secondary education. 1918-24. Studied in Paris, where he earned a degree in law. 1924-25. First visit to London. 1926. Appointed to the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Served in Athens until 1931. 1931-34. Served in the Greek Consulate in London. 1934-36. Resident in Athens. !936-38. Consul in Koritsa, Albania. 1938. Appointed press officer to the Department of Press and Information. 1941. Married Maria Zannou. Accompanied the Greek govern­ ment in exile to Crete, Egypt, and finally South Africa, where he served in the Greek Embassy at Pretoria until 1942. 1942-44. Press officer to the Greek government in Cairo. 1944. Accompanied the Greek government to Italy. 1945-46. Director of the Political Bureau of the Regent Arch­ bishop Damaskinos. 1946-48. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens. 1948-50. Counsellor of Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. 1951-52. Counsellor of Embassy in London. 1953-56. Served as Ambassador to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq. In 1953, 1954, and 1955, he visited Cyprus. 1956-57. Director of the Second Political Bureau of the Min­ istry of Foreign Affairs, Athens. 1957. Member of the Greek delegation to the United Nations, New York, during the discussion of the Cyprus question. 1957-62. Ambassador to Great Britain. i960. Hon. D. Litt. (Cantab). 1962. Foyle Award. 1962. Retired from the diplomatic service, settled in Athens. 2Jl B I O G R A P H I C A L D A T A 1963. Nobel Prize for Literature. 1964. Hon. D. Litt. (Oxon). 1964. Hon. D. Philosophy (Salonika). 1965. Hon. D. Litt. (Princeton). 1966. Elected Honorary Foreign Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 1966. Appointed Honorary Fellow, Modern Language Association . 1968. Member, Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton). 1969. On March 28, issued statement condemning dictatorship (see The New York Times, March 29, 1970, p. 10). 272 ...


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