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SPRING A.D. Again with spring she wore light colors and with light steps again with spring again with summer she was smiling. Among fresh blossoms breast naked to the veins beyond the dry night beyond the white old men debating quietly whether it would be better to give up the keys or to pull the rope and hang from the noose to leave empty bodies there where souls couldn't endure there where the mind couldn't catch up and knees buckled. With the new blossoms the old men failed and gave up everything 123 grandchildren and great-grandchildren the broad fields the green mountains love and life compassion and shelter rivers and sea; and they departed like statues leaving behind a silence that no sword could cut that no gallop could break nor the voices of the young; and the great loneliness came the great privation along with this spring and settled and spread like the frost of dawn caught hold of the high branches slid down the trunks of trees and wrapped around our soul. But she smiled wearing light colors like a blossoming almond tree in yellow flames and walked along lightly opening windows in the delighted sky without us, the luckless ones. And I saw her breast naked 124 the waist and the knee who rises out of torment like the untouched martyr on his way to the heavens untouched and clean beyond the inexplicable whispering of people in the boundless circus beyond the black grimace the sweaty neck of the exasperated executioner striking vainly. The loneliness now a lake the privation now a lake untouched and untraceable. 16 March '39 12 S ...


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