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SOLIDARITY It's there, I can't change with two large eyes behind the wave on the side where the wind blows following the wings of birds it's there with two large eyes has anyone ever changed himself? What are you looking for? Your messages reach the ship altered your love becomes hatred your peace becomes tumult and I can't turn back to see your faces on the shore. The large eyes are there both when I keep fixed on my course and when the stars fall on the horizon they are there tethered to space like a fate more mine than my own. Your words, a habit of hearing, hum in the rigging and are lost do I still believe in your existence doomed companions, unsubstantial shades? 119 This world has lost its color like last year's seaweed on the beach dry, gray, at the wind's mercy. A huge sea two eyes swift and motionless like the wind and my sails as long as they last, and my god. 120 ...


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