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SIROCCO 7 LEVANTE For D. I. Antoniou* Things that changed our shape deeper than thought and more so our own like blood and more so sank into the midday heat behind the masts. Among chains and commands no one remembers. Other days other nights bodies, pain and pleasure the bitterness of human nakedness shattered lower even than the pepper-trees along dusty roads and so many charms and so many symbols on the final branch; in the shade of the big ship memory's a shade. The hands that touched us don't belong to us, only deeper, when the roses darken, a rhythm in the mountain's shadow—crickets— moistens our silence in the night Φ seeking the sea's sleep slipping towards the sea's sleep. In the shade of the big ship as the capstan whistled I abandoned tenderness to the money-changers. Pelion, 19 August 1935 57 ...