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SIXTEEN HAIKU Ύοντο το άκαριαΐον . . . MARCUS AURELIUS* 1 Spill into the lake but a drop of wine and the sun vanishes. 2 In the field not one fourleaf clover: which of the three's to blame? 3 In the Museum garden Empty chairs: the statues have gone back to the other museum. 4 Is it the voice of our dead friends or the gramophone' 49 5 Her fingers against the blue scarf— look: corals. 6 Meditative her breasts heavy in the looking-glass. 7 Again I put on the tree's foliage and you—you bleat. 8 Night, the wind separation spreads and undulates. 5° 9 Young Fate Naked woman the pomegranate that broke was full of stars. 10 Now I raise a dead butterfly without make-up. 11 How can you gather together the thousand fragments of each person? 12 Unprofitable line What's wrong with the rudder? The boat inscribes circles and there's not a single gull. 51 13 Sick Fury She has no eyes, the snakes she held devour her hands. 14 This column has a hole: can you see Persephone? 15 The world sinks: hang on, it'll leave you alone in the sun. 16 You write: the ink grew less, the sea increases. 52 ...