restricted access Syngrou Avenue, 1930
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SYNGROU AVENUE, 1930 To George Theotokas, who discovered it* When the smile breathing beside you conquers you, tries to submit and doesn't consent when the dizziness that remains from your wandering among books moves from your mind to the peppertrees on either side when you leave the petrified ship traveling with broken rigging towards the depths the arch with gold decoration the columns with their care making them more narrow when you leave behind you the bodies deliberately carved for counting and for hoarding riches « the soul that, whatever you do, doesn't match your own soul the hand of the impost that small feminine face in the cradle shining in the sun when you let your heart and your thought become one 44 with the blackish river that stretches, stiffens and leaves: Break Ariadne's thread and look! The blue body of the mermaid. 45 ...