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1 3 Hydra* Dolphins banners and the sound of cannons. The sea once so bitter to your soul bore the many-colored and glittering ships it swayed, rolled and tossed them, all blue with white wings, once so bitter to your soul now full of colors in the sun. White sails and sunlight and wet oars struck with a rhythm of drums on stilled waves. Your eyes would be lovely if they were to look, your arms would be glowing if they were to stretch out, your lips would come alive, as they used to, at such a miracle; you were looking for it what were you looking for in front of ashes or in the rain in the fog in the wind even when the lights were growing dim and the city was sinking and from the stone pavement the Nazarene showed you his heart, what were you looking for? why don't you come? what were you looking for? 18 ...


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