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List of Abbreviations BSSR (Belorusskaya Sovetskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika): Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. ChGK (Chrezvychainaya gosudarstvennaya komissia): The State Extraordinary Commission for Revelation and Investigation of the Atrocities Committed by the German-Fascist Aggressors and Their Accomplices, as well as of the Damage Caused by Them to Citizens, Kolkhozes, Public Organizations, State Enterprises, and Institutions of the USSR. СМ (Sovet Ministrov SSSR): Council of Ministers of the USSR. CPSU (Kommunisticheskaya Partia Sovetskogo Soiuza): Communist Party of the Soviet Union. KIM The Communist Youth International. LKSMB (komsomol, Leninski Kommunistichecki Souz Molodezhi of Belorussii): Lenin Young Communist League of Belarus. MVD (Ministerstvo vnutrennikh del): Ministry of Internal Affairs (after 1946). MGB (Ministerstvo gosydarstvennoy bezopasnosti): Ministry of State Security (after 1946). NKVD (Narodny Komissariat vnutrennikh del): People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs (before 1946). NKGB (Narodny Komissariat gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti): National Ministry of State Security (before 1946). i5.5 Smilovitsky 00 book.indb 7 2014.07.01. 15:09 viii List of Abbreviations NKP (Narkompros, Narodny Komissariat Prosveshchenia): National Ministry of People’s Education. NKZ (Narkomzdrav, Narodny Komissariat Zdravoоkhranenia): National Ministry of Health (before 1946). NKID (Narodny Komissariat inostrannykh del): National Ministry of Foreign Affairs (before 1946). NEP (Novaya Ekonomicheskay politika): New Economic Policy (1921–28). OBHSS (otdel po bor’be s khishcheniami sotsialisticheskoy sobstvennosti i spekuliatsiey): Department of Operations Against Embezzlement of Socialist Property and Speculation, attached to the Executive Committees of City Councils. TASS Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union. TsK VKP (Tsentral’ny Komitet Vsesouznoy Kommunisticheskoy Par tii): Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR. TsK KPB (Tsentral’ny Komitet Kommunisticheskoy Partii Belorussii): Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus. SNK, sovnarkom (Sovet Narodnykh Komissarov SSSR): Council of the People ’s Commissars of the USSR (Council of Ministers of the USSR after 1946). SSSR (Souz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik): USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). VKP (Vsesouznaya Kommunisticheskaya Partia): All-Union Communist Party (CPSU after 1952). ZAGS (zapis’ aktov grazhdanskogo sostoyania): Provincial (District) Office for Registration of Status (i.e., birth, marriage, death) of the citizens. i5.5 Smilovitsky 00 book.indb 8 2014.07.01. 15:09 ...


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