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xv abbreviations in the text AID United States Agency for International Development AFL-CIO American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations APF American Political Foundation BIB Bureau for International Broadcasting CIA Central Intelligence Agency CCC Commodity Credit Corporation CMEA see Comecon CoCom Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls Comecon Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, also CMEA CPSU Communist Party of the Soviet Union CRS Catholic Relief Services CSCE Commission for Security and Cooperation in Europe CSS Committee in Support of Solidarity DCI Director of Central Intelligence DCM Deputy Chief of Mission DIA Defense Intelligence Agency DOD Department of Defense EC European Community EEC European Economic Community EUR Department of State Bureau for European and Soviet Affairs Ex-Im Bank Export-Import Bank FCO Foreign and Commonwealth Office FTUI Free Trade Union Institute FY fiscal year G7 Group of Seven GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GR KK Grupy Roboczej Komisji Krajowej or the National Commission Working Group GSP Generalized System of Preferences HSWP Hungarian Socialist Worker’s Party ICA International Communications Agency xvi abbreviations in the text ICFTU Independent Confederation of Free Trade Unions IDEE Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe ILO International Labor Organization IMF International Monetary Fund INF intermediate nuclear forces IPA Independent Poland Agency KCEP Komisja Charytatywna Episkopatu Polski or Charitable Commission of the Polish Episcopate KOR Komitet Obrony Robotników or Workers’ Defense Committee KPN Konfederacja Polski Niepodległy or Confederation for an Independent Poland MBFR Multilateral and Balanced Force Reductions MFN most favored nation MHZ Ministerstwo Handel Zagranicznych or Ministry of Foreign Trade MSW Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych or Ministry of Internal Affairs MSZ Ministertwo Spraw Zagranicznych or Ministry of Foreign Affairs NAC North Atlantic Council of NATO NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NED National Endowment for Democracy NGO non-governmental organization NOWa Niezależna Oficyjna Wydawnicza or Independent Publishing House NSC National Security Council NSDD National Security Decision Directive NSPG National Security Planning Group NSR National Security Review NSZZ Niezależny Samorządny Związek Zawodowy “Solidarność” Solidarność or Independent Self-Governing Trade Union Solidarity NZS Niezależny Zrzeszenia Studentów or Independent Union of Students OKN Oświaty, Kultura, Nauk or the Committee for Independent Education, Culture, and Science OPIC Overseas Public Investment Corporation OPZZ Ogólnopolskie Porozumienie Związków Zawodowych or All-Polish Trade Unions Agreement abbreviations in the text xvii PAC Polish American Congress PACCF Polish American Congress Charitable Foundation PAX Christian Social Association PIASA Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America PISM Polski Instytut Spraw Międzynarodowych or Polish Institute for International Affairs PNG persona non grata PRON Patriotyczny Ruch Odrodzenia Narodowego or Patriotic Movement of National Rebirth PWAF Polish Workers Aid Fund PZKS Polski Zwiśzek Katolicko-Społeczny or Polish Catholic-Social Union PZPR Polska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza or Polish United Worker’s Party RFE/RL Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty SB Służba Bezpieczenstwo or Security Services SD Stronnisctwo Demokratyczne or Democratic Party TKK Tymczasowa Komisja Koordynacyjna or Interim Coordinating Commission TR Tymczasowa Rade NSZZ “Solidarność” or Temporary Council of NSZZ Solidarność UchS Unia Chześcijańska-Społeczna or Christian-Social Union USIA United States Information Agency VOA Voice of America WiP Wolność i Pokój or Freedom and Peace WRON Wojskowa Rada Ocalenia Narodowego or Military Council of National Salvation ZOMO Zmotoryzowane Odwody Milicji Obywatelskiej or Motorized Reserves of the Citizens’ Militia ZSL Zjednoczonne Stonnictwo Ludowe or United People’s Party ZWID Zespoł Wideo or Video Association This page intentionally left blank empowering revolution This page intentionally left blank ...


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