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NOTES Introduction ι. For two recent contributions see Peter Beck, The Falkland Islands as an International Problem, London, Routledge, 1988, and Lowell S. Gustafson, The Sovereignty Dispute over the Falkland (Mahinas) Islands, New York, Oxford University Press, 1988. For an extremely valuable collection of key documents see Ralph Perl (ed.), The Falkland Islands Dispute in International Law and Politics: A Documentary Sourcebook, London, Oceana Publications, 1983. 2. Lawrence Freedman, Britain and the Falklands War, London, Blackwell, 1988; Vir­ ginia Gamba, The Falkland/Malvinas War: A Model for North-South Crisis Prevention, Boston, Allen & Unwin, 1987. 3. Good surveys are found in the works cited in note 1. An earlier work by Peter Beck, 'Cooperative Confrontation in the Falkland Islands Dispute: The Anglo-Argentine Search for a Way Forward 1968-81', Journal ofInteramerican Studies and WorldAffairs, Vol. 24, No. i, February 1982. See also Adrian Hope, 'Sovereignty and Decolonization of the Falklands Islands', Boston Comparative Law Review, December 1983. In addition, for the British perspective see: V. F. Boyson, The Falkland Islands, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1924; J. C J . Metford's introduction to Julius Goebel's book, The Strugglefor the Falklands, New Haven, Yale University Press, edition of 1982; M. B. R. Cawkell, D. H. Mailing and E. M. Cawkell, The Falkland Islands, London, St Martin's Press, i960; and Ian C. Strange, TheFaUdandlshnas, Harisburg, Pa, 1972. See also House of Commons, Minutes of the Proceedings of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Session 1982-3, 11 May 1983. Support for the Argentine position is found in Ricardo Caillet-Bois, Una Tierra Argen­ tina: Las Islas Mahinas, Buenos Aires, Peuser, 1948; Enrique Ruiz Guinazu, Proas de Espana en el Mar Magallanico, Buenos Aires, Peuser, 1947; Ricardo Zorraquin Becu, Inglaterra Prometio Abandonar las Islas: Estudio Historico-Juridico del Conflicto AngloEspanol , Buenos Aires, Libreria Editorial PIatero, 1975; Paul Groussac, Las Islas MaIvinas , Buenos Aires, Editorial del Congreso, 1936; Manuel Hidalgo Nieto, La cuestion de las Mahinas, contribution al estudio de h relation hispano inglesa en el sigh XVIII, Madrid, Institute) Gonzalo Fernandez de Ouiedo, 1947; Octavio Gil Munilla, El conflicto anglo espanol de 1770, Sevilla, Escuela de Estudio Hispano-Americanos, 1948; Camilo Barcia 423 Notes Trelles, ElProblema de las Islas Mahinas, Madrid, Editora Nacional, 1968. See alsoJulius Goebel, The Strugglefor the FalklandIslands,firstpublished in 1927. Chapter One ι. 'Informe Final de la Comision Rattenbach (II parte)', Siete Dias, Buenos Aires, XV, No. 859,30 November to 12 December 1983, p. 68. 2. Carlos Busser, Mahinas: La Guerra lnconclusa, Ediciones Fernandez Reguera, Buenos Aires, pp. 336-8. 3. SeeJ. Child, Geopolitics and Conflict in South America: Quarrels among Neighbours, New York, Praeger, 1985, p. 43. On this type of thinking and its implications see also L. R. Einaudi, Beyond Cuba: Latin America Takes Charge of its Future, New York, 1974; The Andean Report, Lima, Peru, September 1980; and V. Gamba, 'The Pacific Issue in Bolivian, Latin American and World Politics,' MSc thesis, 1981, UC Wales, Aberystwyth. 4. Marshall Van Sant Hall, Argentine Policy in the Falklands War: The Political Results, US Navy War College, 25 June 1983. 5. This thesis is developed in M. Morris and V. Millan (eds), ControllingLatin American Conflicts, Boulder, Colo, Westview, 1983. 6. See S. W. Simon, The Military and Security in the Third World: Domestic and Inter­ national Impacts, Boulder, Colo, Westview, 1978; Carlos Moneta, 'The Malvinas Con­ flict: Analyzing the Argentine Military Regime's Decision Making Process', in Munoz and Tulchin (eds), LatinAmerican Nations in WorldPolitics, Colo, 1984, pp. 122-4. 7. SeeJ. Child, Antarctica andSouthAmerican Geopolitics: Frozen Lebensraum, Washington DC, 1987, and Jorge A. Fraga, La Argentina y elAtlantico Sur, Buenos Aires, Pleamar, 1983. 8. See Moneta, op. cit.,p. 126. 9. This is thoroughly discussed in Martin Walker, 'The Give-Away Years', Guardian, I9june 1982. 10. Virginia Gamba, El Peon deL·Reina, Buenos Aires, Editorial Sudamericana, 1984, P- 59· 11. Roberto Etchepareborda, 'La Cuestion Malvinas en Perspective Historica', paper prepared for seminar on 'The Use of Force in the Solution of International Controver­ sies: The Conflict of the Malvinas Islands, Turin, May 1983. 12. Gamba, TheFalkland/Mahinas War, p. 114. 13. See Official Report, House of Commons, 14 December 1981; House of Lords, 16 December 1981. 14. See interview with Oscar Camilion, Costa Mendez's predecessor, in Michael Charl­ ton, The Little Platoon, London, Blackwell, 1989, p. 108. 15. General Galtieri, La Nueva Provincia, Bahia Blanca, 28 November 1985 (Personal Discharge of Accusations by the Armed Forces Supreme Council). 16. Moneta, op. cit.,p. 126. 17. Nicanor Costa Mendez, 'La situacion...


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