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/ ORDEROFBATTLE Argentina Navy Aircraft Carrier: 25 deMayo Amphibious Landing Ship: Cabo SanAntonio Destroyers: Comodoro Py Hercules Hipolito Bouchard PiedraBuena Santisma Trinidad Segui Corvettes: Drummond Granville Guerrico Cruiser: GeneralBelgrano Patrol Boats: Alferez Sobral Comodoro Somellera Francisco de Gurruchaga Polar Vessels: Almirante Irizar Bahia Paraiso Submarines: San Luis Santa Fe Tanker: PuntaMedanos Transports: Bahia Buen Suceso IsIa de los Estados Naval Air Units: 1st Attack Squadron (six Aeromacchi 339AS) 2nd Fighter and Attack Squadron (four Super-Etendards) 3rd Fighter and Attack Squadron* (ten Skyhawk A-4BS) 4th Attack Squadron (four Turbo-Mentor T-34C-1S) Anti-Submarine Squadron (Grumman Tracker S-2Es) Reconnaissance Squadron (four Neptune SP-2Hs) 1st and 2nd Transport Squadrons (three F-28 Fellowships, three Electras) * This was on carrier 25 deMayo. The aircraft were later transferred to land base. 418 Order of Battle ist and 2nd Helicopter Squadrons (Lynx, Alouette and Sea King) Coast Guard Patrol Boats: Islas Mahinas Rio Iguazu Merchant Ships Cargo Ships: Formosa LagoArgentino Rio Carcarana Rio Cincel Rio de la Plata Coasters:* Forrest Monsoonen Oil-Rig Tender: Yehuin Tanker: Puerto Resales Trawler: Normal Marines Amphibious Vehicles Battalion 2nd Marine Infantry Battalion 5th Marine Infantry Battalion Field Artillery (six 105mm guns) Anti-Aircraft Unit Machine-Gun Company (twenty-seven 12.7mm machine-guns) Amphibious Commando Company Amphibious Engineer Company Tactical Divers * These were owned by the Falkland Army 3rd Brigade: 4th Infantry Regiment 5th Infantry Regiment 12th Infantry Regiment 4th Air Mobile Artillery Regiment (eighteen 105mm guns) 9th Brigade: 8th Infantry Regiment 25th Infantry Regiment ι oth Brigade: 3rd Infantry Regiment 6th Infantry Regiment 7th Infantry Regiment 3rd Artillery Regiment (eighteen 105mm field guns, four 155mm guns) 101st Anti-Aircraft Regiment (eight 30mm guns, ten 12.7mm heavy machine-guns) 601st Anti-Aircraft Regiment (twelve twin 35mm guns, three 20mm guns, one Roland and three Tiger Cat surface-to-air-missile (SAM) launchers) 601st Combat Aviation Battalion (helicopters - nine Hueys, three Augustas, two Chinooks) 9th Engineer Company ι oth Engineer Company 601 st Engineer Company 601 st Commando Company 602nd Commando Company 601 st National Guard Special Forces Company ι oth Armoured Car Squadron 181 st Military Police Company AirForce ι st Air Transport Group (seven Hercules C-130S, two Hercules KC-130S, three Boeing 707s) Company but were seized by Argentina. 419 Order ofBattle ist Aerial Photographic Group (four Learjets) 2nd Bomber Group (seven Canberra B-62S) 3rd Attack Group (twenty-four Pucara ground-attack aircraft) 4th Fighter Group (twelve to fifteen Skyhawk A-4CS) 5th Fighter Group (twelve Skyhawk A-4BS) 6th Fighter Group (twenty-four Daggers)* 8th Fighter Group (eleven mirage HE As) Helicopters (two Chinooks, two Bell 212s) United Kingdom RoyalNavy Aircraft-Carriers: Hermes Invincible Destroyers: Type 82 Bristol County Class Antrim Ghmorgan Type 42 Cardiff Coventry Exeter Glasgow Sheffield Frigates: Type 22 Brilliant Broadsword Type 21 Active * Israeli versions of Mirage Vs. Alacrity Ambuscade Antelope Ardent Arrow Avenger Leander Class Andromeda Argonaut Minerva Penelope Rothesay Class Plymouth Yarmouth Ice Patrol Ship: Endurance Submarines: Nuclear Conqueror Courageous Spartan Splendid Valiant Diesel Onyx Amphibious Warfare Vessels: Landing Platform Dock (LPD) Fearless Intrepid Landing Ship Logistic (LSL) SirBedivere Sir Galahad Sir Geraint SirLancelot SirPercrvale Sir Tristram Royal Fleet Auxiliary: Fleet Replenishment Ships FortAustin Fort Grange Regent Resource Stromness 420 Order of Battle Casualty Ferry Hecla Herald Hydra Helicopter Support Ship Engadine Tankers Appleleaf Bayleaf BlueRover Brambleleaf Oltneda Olna Pearleaf Plumleaf Tidespring Tidepool Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service: Tug Typhoon Mooring Vessel Goosander Ships Taken up from Trade: Liners Canberra QE2 Uganda Ferries BalticFerry Elk Europic Nordicfeny Norland StEdmunds Tor Caledonia Container Ships AUantic Causeway Athntic Conveyor Freighters Geestport Lycaon Saxonia Oil-rig Support Ships British Enterprise Stena Inspector Stem Seaspread Trawlers Cordelia Famella JunelL· NorthelL· Pict Ocean Tug Irishman Sabageman Wimpey Seahorse Yorkshireman Islands Supply Ship St Helena Cable Ship Iris Tankers Alvega Anco Charger Avon BalderLondon Dart Ebuma Esk Fort Toronto GA. Walker Scottish Eagle Toy Test Trent Wye LandForces 3 Commando Brigade: 40 Commando, Royal Marines 42 Commando, Royal Marines 45 Commando, Royal Marines 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment 29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery (eighteen 105mm guns) 59 Independent Commando Squadron, Royal Engineers Commando Logistics Regiment, Royal Marines 421 Order of Battle HQand Signals Squadron, Royal Marines Air Squadron (eleven Gazelle, six Scout helicopters) B Squadron, the Blues and Royals (four Scorpion, four Scimitar Combat Tracked Reconnaissance Vehicles, one Samson Field Recovery Tractor) T Battery 12 Air Defence Regiment (twelve Rapier) Air Defence Troop (twelve Blowpipe) Raiding Squadron, Royal Marines (seventeen craft) Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre, Royal Marines 2,3 and 6...


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