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DRAMATIS PERSONAL· Argentina Allara, Rear Admiral Gualter: Commander ofthe Surface Fleet. From April 1982, Commander, Naval Forces, South Atlantic Theatre of Operations. Anaya, AdmiralJorge: Commander-in-Chief of the Navy and member oftheJunta. Astiz, Alfredo: Marine Lieutenant in charge of landing party on South Georgia. Bicain, Horacio: Captain of the Santa Fe. Blanco, Ambassador Carlos Lucas: Director of the Malvinas and Antarctica Department at the Ministry ofForeign Affairs. Biisser, Rear Admiral Carlos: Commander ofthe Marine Infantry. Camilion, Dr Oscar: Foreign Minister in 1981. Costa Mendez, Dr Nicanor: Foreign Minister. Daher, General Americo: Commander 9th Infantry Brigade and Chief of Staff, MalvinasJoint Command. Davidoff, Constantino: scrap-metal merchant. xui Dramatis Personae Gaffoglio, Captain Adolfo: Naval representative in the Falkland Islands. Galtieri, General Leopoldo: Commander-in-Chief of the Army and President. Garcia, General Osvaldo: Commander, Malvinas Theatre of Operations. Garcia Boll, Rear Admiral Carlos: Commander ofNaval Aviation. Girling, Rear Admiral Eduardo Morris: Chief of Naval Intelligence. Hussey, Captain Barry Melbourne: naval officer, senior administrator in Stanley. Iglesias, General Hector: Secretary-General of the Presidency and member ofthe Malvinas Working Group. Jofre, General Oscar: Commander ioth Infantry Brigade, and of Puerto Argentino Group ofForces. Lami Dozo, General Basilio: Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force and member oftheJunta. Lombardo, Vice-AdmiralJuanJose: Commander ofNaval Operations. From April 1982, Commander South Atlantic Theatre of Operations. Marchessi, Adrian: Argentine Bank employee. Menendez, Brigadier General Mario Benjamin: Chief of Operations in the General Staff (to April 1982), Governor of the Malvinas (AprilJune 1982). Miret, Brigadier: Head of the Planning Commission and member of the Malvinas Working Group. Molteni, Atilio: Minister at Argentine Embassy in London. Moya, Rear Admiral Roberto: Head of the Military Household and member ofMalvinas Working Group. Otero, Rear Admiral Edgardo: Chief ofNaval Transport. xiv Dramatis Personae Padilla, Rear Admiral Alberto: Chief of Staff, South Atlantic Theatre of Operations. Parada, General Omar: Commander 3rd Infantry Brigade, and of the Malvinas Group of Forces. Piaggi, Lt-CoI. I. A.: Army Commander, Darwin and Goose Green. Pedrozo, Air Vice-Commodore Wilson, senior officer at Goose Green. Pena, Oscar: Under Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Plessl, Brigadier General Sigfrido: Working Party on Intervention. Rodriguez, Rear Admiral Angel: Lombardo's Chief of Staff. Rouco,Jesus Iglesias : journalist on Argentine paper, LaPrensa. Roca, Eduardo: Ambassador to the United Nations. Ros, Enrique: Deputy Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Rozas, Ortiz de: Ambassador to Britain. Ruiz, General Julio: Commander, Land Forces, South Adantic Theatre of Operations. Suarez del Cerro, Vice-Admiral Carlos: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs ofStaff. Trombetta, Cesar: Captain ofthe Almirante Irizar. Vigo, Vice-Admiral Alberto: Chief of Naval Staff. Weber, Brigadier A.C.: Commander, Air Forces, South Atlantic Theatre of Operations. Falkland Islands Blake, Anthony: Member of the Falkland Islands' Legislative Council. Cheek, Gerald: Member of the Falkland Islands' Legislative Council. xv Dramatis Personae Hunt, Sir Rex: Governor ofthe Falkland Islands. France Cheysson, Claude: Foreign Minister. Hernu, Charles: Defence Minister. Mitterrand, Franqois: President. South Georgia Martin, Steve: Base Commander and Magistrate. Peru Belaunde Terry, Fernando: President. Stella, Dr Arias: Foreign Minister. Ulloa, Manuel: Prime Minister. United Kingdom Acland, Sir Antony: Permanent Under Secretary at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (from April 1982). Archer, Geoffrey: ITN's Defence Correspondent. Armstrong, Sir Robert: Secretary to the Cabinet. Atkins, Sir Humphrey: Lord Privy Seal (to April 1982). Barker, Nicholas: Captain of HMS Endurance. Bell, Robert: Captain, Royal Marines. xvi Dramatis Personae Biffen,John: Secretary of State for Trade. Bramall, General Sir Edwin: ChiePof the General Staff. Brittan, Leon: Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Buxton, Lord: Peer. Carrington, Lord (Peter): Foreign Secretary (until April 1982). Clapp, Commodore Michael: Commander, Amphibious Warfare. Cooper, Sir Frank: Permanent Under Secretary, Ministry of Defence. Curtiss, Air Marshal SirJohn: Air Deputy to Commander-in-Chief. Fearn, Robin: Head of the South American Department in the Foreign Office. Fieldhouse, Admiral Sir John: Commander-in-Chief, Fleet; Commander-in-Chief, Operation Corporate. Foot, Michael: Leader of the Opposition. Gurdon, Brigadier Adam: Chairman, Current Intelligence Group on Latin America inJoint Intelligence Organization. Havers, Sir Michael: Attorney General. Healey, Denis: Shadow Foreign Secretary. Heath, Edward: Former Prime Minister. Heathcote, Mark: Official, British Embassy in Buenos Aires. Henderson, Sir Nicholas: Ambassador in Washington. Herbert, Admiral Peter: Deputy to the Commander-in-Chief for Sub­ marine Operations. Ingham, Bernard: Prime Minister's Press Secretary. Jones, Colonel Ή': Commander, 2 PARA. Keeble, Major Chris: Second in Command, 2 PARA. xvii Dramatis Personae Leach, Admiral Sir Henry: First Sea Lord. Lewin, Admiral Sir Terence: Chief of Defence Staff. Luce, Richard: Junior Foreign Office Minister (until April...


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