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CONTENTS Acknowledgements IX Note xi Dramatis Personae Xlll Maps xxi Introduction xxxi PART ONE: CONTEXT Chapter One: Argentine Frustration 3 Chapter Two: British Apprehension 14 Chapter Three: Deadlock Again 23 PART TWO: CRISIS Chapter Four: Davidotrs Visits 39 Chapter Five: Crisis over South Georgia 49 Chapter Six: The Decision to Invade 65 Chapter Seven: Diplomatic Endgame 84 PART THREE: CONFRONTATION Chapter Eight: Operation Rosario 103 Chapter Nine: The Response 121 Chapter Ten: Resolution 502 134 Chapter Eleven: Occupation 142 Chapter Twelve: Allies, Friends and Mediators ISO PART FOUR: COMPROMISES Chapter Thirteen: Haig's Shuttle: Round One 165 Chapter Fourteen: Haig's Shuttle: Round Two 189 Chapter Fifteen: Haig's Shuttle Concludes 218 PART FIVE: COLLISION Chapter Sixteen: The Sinking ofthe Be/grano 247 Chapter Seventeen: The Peruvian Initiative 272 Chapter Eighteen: UN Mediation 292 PART SIX: COMBAT Chapter Nineteen: Build-up to San Carlos 323 Chapter Twenty: Final Diplomacy 342 Chapter Twenty-One: The Bridgehead and Beyond 357 Chapter Twenty-Two: The Battle for Stanley 377 Chapter Twenty-Three: Surrender 400 Conclusion 4I 3 Order ofBattle 418 Notes 423 Bibliography 452 Index 463 ...


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