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Filmography From around 1967 to 1970, Ferrara made many amateur shorts. Nicky’s Film (1971; short) Director: Abel Ferrara Screenplay: Nicodemo Oliverio and Abel Ferrara Cast: Nadia Von Loewenstein, Nicodemo Oliverio, Abel Ferrara Black and white 16 mm 6 min. Silent A sketch-film made with friends, using crime-genre iconography and told as a woman’s dream. The Hold Up (1972; short) Producer: John Howard Director: Abel Ferrara Screenplay: Nicodemo Oliverio and Abel Ferrara Photography: Habi Vogel Cast: Ken Fowler (Johnny, dubbed by Abel Ferrara), Mary Kane (wife), Robert Denson (Bob), Joe Guida (Joe) Black and white 16 mm 14 min. Ken, Bob, and Joe work in a factory. Ken has married the boss’s wife. Bob and Joe are university graduates. Short of money, they hold up a gas station, helped by Ken. All three are arrested, but thanks to the intervention of Ken’s father-in-law, only Bob and Joe remain in prison. Could This Be Love (1973; short) Producer: Claude Ramirez Director: Abel Ferrara Screenplay: Abel Ferrara Photography: Jon Rosen Editor: Joseph Burton Sound: John Paul McIntyre Music: The Rolling Stones and Dennis Gray Cast: Nadia Von Loewenstein (Jacky), Dee Dee Rescher (Renee), Casandra Cortez (Cathy), Carl Low (Mr. Gatto), David Pirell (Michael), Lanny Taylor (Stephen), Dennis Gray (Dennis) Color 16 mm 26 min. Ferrara describes the film as “the story of a rich, married bourgeois couple who get tired of living in Greenwich, Connecticut. One day they go to New York, pick up a prostitute, take her home, make love, pay her, then take her to an upmarket restaurant where they pass her off as a sister. . . . It’s extremely erotic.” Jacky is a painter, and Cathy the prostitute is presented as an archeology student. 9 Lives of a Wet Pussy (1976; short feature) Producer: Navaron Films Director: Abel Ferrara (pseudonym: Jimmy Boy L.) Screenplay: Nicholas St. John (pseudonym: Nicholas George) Photography: Francis Delia (pseudonym: Francis X. Wolfe) Editor: K. James Lovttit Sound: Larry Alexander Music: Joseph Delia Cast: Pauline LaMonde (Pauline), Dominique Santos (Gypsy), Joy Silver (Nacala), David Pirell (wife), Shaker Lewis (stable boy), Nicholas St. John (chauffeur), Abel Ferrara (Old Man) Color 16 mm 63 min. Epistolary porno film. Gypsy, the narrator, describes her passion for Pauline, a free-living young woman incapable of resisting her desires, who shares her sexual experiences by mail. At the end, Gypsy burns the letters, and Pauline delivers this lesson worthy of Marx or Adorno: “False unity is no unity. There is no reality except human reality.” A flashback depicts the rape of Pauline’s ancestor (played by Ferrara) by his two daughters, explicitly modeled on the biblical tale of Lot’s children. Not Guilty: For Keith Richards (1977; short) Directors: Abel Ferrara and Babeth [Mondini-Vanloo] Music: The Rolling Stones Cast: Abel Ferrara, Susan Andrews 174 | Filmography 16 mm 5 min. Lost film. The Driller Killer (1979; feature) Producer: Navaron Films Director: Abel Ferrara Screenplay: Nicholas St. John Photography: Ken Kelsch Editors: Orlando Gallini, Bonnie Constant, Michael Constant, Abel Ferrara (pseudonym: Jimmy Laine) Music: Joseph Delia Cast: Abel Ferrara [Jimmy Laine] (Reno Miller), Carolyn Marz (Carol), Baybi Day (Pamela), Rhodney Montreal (Tony Coca-Cola), Harry Schultz (Dalton Briggs), Alan Wynroth (landlord) Color 16 mm 96 min. Reno, a bohemian painter in New York, lives in a threesome with Carol and her lover, Pamela. Obsessed with completing a painting and irritated by the endless rehearsals of a rock band, The Roosters, Reno becomes a serial killer. At first, his victims are homeless people. Carol, worn down by Reno’s egotistical behavior and artistic failures, leaves him to reunite with her former boyfriend, Steven. Reno bumps off an art dealer who is incapable of grasping the beauty of his masterpiece, then attacks Steven and finally Carol. In some prints, the film is dedicated “to the people of NYC—City of Hope.” Ms .45 (a.k.a. Angel of Vengeance; 1981; feature) Producer: Navaron Films Director: Abel Ferrara Screenplay: Nicholas St. John Photography: James Lemmo (pseudonym: James Momèl) Art Director: Ruben Masters Editor: Christopher Andrews Sound: John McIntyre Music: Joe Delia Cast: Zoë Tamerlis (Thana), Bogey (Phil the dog), Albert Sinkys (Albert), Darlene Stuto (Laurie), Helen McGara (Carol), Nike Zachmanogiou (Pamela), Abel Ferrara [pseudonym: Jimmy Laine] (first rapist and party dancer), Peter Yellen (second rapist) Color 35 mm Filmography | 175 81 min. Raped first in the street and then at home, Thana, a young worker at a garment workshop, kills her second attacker in a state of...


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