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Index Note: Notes are indexed. Page references to notes which place a comma between the page number and "n" cite both text and note, thus: "4i8,m." On the other hand, ab­ sence of the comma indicates reference to the note only, thus: "59m"—the page num­ ber denoting where the note number appears. Abbott, Lyman, I78n29 Adams, Herbert Baxter, 56,m6, photo­ graph of, 57 Agassiz, Louis, i6n8 Alexander Hamilton: An Essay on Ameri­ can Union (Oliver), 72Π37 Altgeld, John A., 72 American Economic Association, 56ni7 American Heritage, I03ni7 American Historical Association, 56m6 American National Red Cross, xii American Society for the Extension of University Teaching, xi An Old Master and Other Essays (Wilson), 76 Anchor Line, 41, 83 Andrea Del Sarto, 98 Annetwell Street Congregational Church of Carlisle, England, 9Π3 Armour, George Allison, 112m Arnold, Matthew, 108 Art Students League, 91 Axson, Edward Stockton, 58n22 Axson, Edward William, ix, 58,n22, 59, 107, 221-22; death of, 58n22, 93,n4, 2i6,ni3 Axson, Florence Choate Leach (Mrs. Ed­ ward William), 58Π22 Axson, Isaac Stockton Keith ("The Great Axson"), ix, x, 51 Axson, Isaac Stockton Keith II: see Axson, Stockton Axson, Margaret Jane Hoyt ("Janie," Mrs. Samuel Edward), ix, 51 Axson, Randolph, x, gi,n2, 216 Axson, Rebecca Longstreet Randolph (Mrs. Isaac Stockton Keith), ix Axson, Samuel Edward, ix, x; death of, x, 103; on engagement of Ellen to WW, 5152 Axson, Stockton (Isaac Stockton Keith Axson II), ix, x, xiii, xiv, ιβ,ηιο, 23,ni5, 43Π21, 49Π2, 59, 72Π40, 102Π16, 126Π13, 139Π28; 149Π32,186, 22i,ni7; education of, x, 38, 60, 104; "Reaction and Prog­ ress," 5in7, 7U136, 76n45; career of, xi, xii, 112,167-68; meets WW, 150; walks with WW, 35, 36, 37,150; travels to Great Britain with WW, 39, 41, 84-87; suffers from appendicitis, 84,n2; on change in social attitudes at Princeton, 112-14; on graduate college controversy, 138,n25; and 1908 Democratic National Convention, 153-54; on William Jen­ nings Bryan, 180-82, 212; personality of WW, 200-48,m; on Joseph Ruggles Wilson, 214-15; illness and death of EAW, 226, 227,n2o, 228-29; photograph, 2, Babcock, Maltbie Davenport, 149Π32 Bagehot, Walter, 35, 43, 49, 94, 96 Baker, Newton Diehl, I97,n57 Baker, Ray Stannard, xiii, 35Π12, 49Π2, 288 I N D E X Baker, Ray Stannard (cont.) 70n35,102n16, 149n32, 219n14, 229n21, 241,n26 Baltimore convention: see 1912 Democratic National Convention Barnwell, Charles H., 12n6 baseball, 30, 33; WW's "Lightfoot" club, 31 "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere," 171,n23 Beck, James Montgomery, 211,n8 Belgium, 22on15 Berry, Martha McChesney, 93n6 Berry Schools, 93,n6 Birrell, Augustine, 7, 49, 109 Birth of a Nation, The (Dixon), 202 Boiling, Randolph, 243 Bones, Helen Woodrow, 52, 174, 186,n41, 193, 214,n12, 222 Bones, James W., 31n4, 52 Bones, Marion Woodrow, 31n14, 51, 52 Bouguereau, Guillaume-Adolphe, 91n3, 225 Breckinridge, Henry Skillman, 212,n10 Bridges, Robert, 150, 203 British Guiana, 195n56 Brodnax, James Maclin, 68,n29 Brooks, Arthur, 53,n9 Brower, Abraham Thew H., 35,n10, 52 Brower, Jessie Woodrow Bones (Mrs. Abraham Thew H.), 31,n4, 31-32,n4, 35,n10, 52 Brown, Edward Thomas, 193,n54 Brown, Louisa Cunningham Hoyt (Mrs. Warren A.), x, 35 Brown, Warren A., x, 37 Browne, Sir Thomas, 6 Browning, Robert, 98,108,110, 210 Bruce, William Cabell, 50n4 Bryan, William Jennings, 72, 73, 106,n19, 153, 169,n19, 170,n20, 180-84, 212; resignation from cabinet, 75,n43; on WW, 154; and Japanese exclusion, 181,n33; and Chatauqua lectures, 182-83,n35; photograph of, 74, 170 Bryce, James, Viscount, 96 Bryn Mawr College, 22, 35, 40, 57,n18, 19, 58, 72n40, 91, 222 Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, 37, 78,103, 221, 230 Buckner, Simon Bolivar, 73,n41 Burke, Edmund, 11, 20, 35, 43, 48, 49, 55, 72, 94 Burroughs, John, 110 Burt, Nathaniel, 112n1 Butler, Howard Crosby, 131 Butler, Nicholas Murray, 169,n18 Byron, 108, 110 Calhoun, John C., 19 California: land legislation, 181n33 Calvinism and the Political Order (Hunt, ed.), 149n32 Cameron, Arnold Guyot, 125,n12, 126n13 Cameron, Henry Clay, 28,n21, 125n12 Capps, Edward, 139,n27, 174 Capps, Grace Alexander (Mrs. Edward), 174 Carlisle, England, 9, 9n3, 4, 16n8, 85 Carlyle, James, 220,n16 Carlyle, Thomas, 220,n16 Carnegie, Andrew, 70n35 Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 70n35, 169 Chambers Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia , 22n14 Character of the Happy Warrior (Wordsworth), 108, 110 Chateau-Thierry, 242 Chesterton, G. K., 95, 109...


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