restricted access Victims of the Wedding 4: An Uncertain Path through Branching Tunnels

From: Skandalon

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14 Victims of the Wedding 4 An Uncertain Path through Branching Tunnels Inthemiddleofthenighthefinallywakesup.Heislyingnexttoawoman,who is sleeping; it is winter, and there is a deep fresh snowfall outside; though there are no lights on, the window is illuminated by moonlight reflected from the snow. The man and woman are both naked, but covered in a thick duvet they are warm. The man’s arms are around the woman and her back is to him; he can feel her breath as it moves in and out of her body, just as he himself had done a few hours earlier, she atop him and astride, but with the cover up against the cold that surrounded them, leaning close to him so he could take her nipple in his mouth and feel the soft moan that came out of her along with her breath, the same breath he can see lit like the window by moonlight, snow-light, that hangs around them, like the cold that hangs around them, making a crystal cave for them in the bed where they lie, as in a cave in a forest, safe and glowing just a little, magical, alive. ...