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Appendix A Register of Baptized Protestant Chinese (1813-43) My interes t i n obtainin g mor e informatio n o n .the Chines e convert s an d their careers led me to search archives of several missionary societies tha t worked amon g th e Chinese . I n th e letter s an d report s sen t bac k b y missionaries I foun d numerou s reference s t o th e Chines e converts . Man y times, thes e reference s ha d bee n omitte d b y author s wh o use d thes e archival sources for their published missionar y histories. The spellin g o f th e name s i s copied fro m th e origina l sources . A t thi s period, there was no settled form for Romanizing Chinese names. Most of my material ha s been from Englis h and German language sources. The materia l i s largel y fro m th e followin g sources : Archive s o f th e American Boar d o f Commissioner s fo r Foreig n Missions , Houghto n Library, Harvar d Universit y (Cambridge) ; Archive s o f th e Presbyteria n Board of Foreign Missions (New York); Archives of the London Mission ary Society (London) ; Archives o f th e American Baptis t Churc h (Valle y Forge, Pennsylvania) ; Calwer Missionsblatt; an d Gaihan' s Chinesische Berichte (Cassell , 1850) . 1813 Batavi a (Java) , a conver t o f 'Chines e extraction ' baptize d b y W . Robinson, a n English Baptist missionary . 1814 Macau , Tsa e A-k o (Cho i A-ko ) baptize d o n 1 6 July b y Morrison . Born 1776 , died 1819 . He worked for Morriso n a s a pressman . 1816 Malacca , Leun g A-f a baptize d o n 3 November b y Milne. He wa s a block-cutter fo r th e mission press . Born 1787 , died 1855 . Ordained as an evangelist-preacher b y Morrison in 1827. 1821 Malacca , Johanna , daughte r o f a Chines e fathe r an d a Siames e mother, an d formerly mistres s of a European, baptize d by Milne. 1821 Kwangtun g Province , Ko-ming District, Loh-tsu n village , Lai, wif e of Leung A-fa, baptize d b y A-fa. Sh e died in 1849. 1822 Macau , Tsa e A-heen , elde r brothe r o f Tsae A-ko , requeste d bap tism by Morrison. However, ther e is no record of his actual baptism . 1823 Canton , Leun g Tsun-tak , so n o f Leun g A-fa , baptize d o n 2 0 November b y Morrison . Bo m 1820 , died abou t 1862 . I n 1859 , h e was receive d int o a churc h a t Shangha i b y th e Rev d Elija h C . Bridgman. 1824 Ne w York, Lieao u A-see, alias William Botelho, a Chinese studen t of the Foreign Mission s School of the American Boar d of Commis sioners for Foreign Missions at Cornwall, Connecticut . APPENDIX 213 1828 Kwangtung Province, Ko-ming District, Kw u Tin-ching, a schoolteacher an d relativ e of Leung A-fa, baptize d in January by A-fa . There is no further information regarding him. 1828 Tavoy, Burma, Kee Zea-chung baptized on 3 August by an American Baptist missionary. 1829 Kwangtun g Province , Ko-min g District , Loh-tsu n village , Leun g A-chin, infant daughter of Leung A-fa, baptized by A-fa. 1829 Malacca, Cho o Hea , a cripple , baptized b y Kidd. H e wa s still a member of the Malacca church when it was disbanded in 1843. 1830 Macau, Keuh A-gong, alias Wat Ngong, employee of the London Missionary Society press, baptized in February by Morrison. Born 1785, died 1867 . For many years, a preacher for the LMS in Hong Kong. 1830 Bangkok, Bun Tai, baptized by Gutzlaff. Rebaptized by an Ameri- -1 ca n Baptist missionary, the Revd John Taylor Jones on 8 December 1833. H e separate d fro m th e Sia m Baptis t Missio n i n 1836 . Returned to the church for a short time in 1843-4. 1832 Canton, Cho o Tsing , a literar y graduate , teache r a t th e Anglo Chinese College at Malacca, baptized by Morrison on 16 December. When the British Governmen t wa...