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List of Illustrations vii Foreword by Rey Chow ix Acknowledgements xiii List of Contributors xv I Introduction 1 1 Elaine Yee Lin Ho China Abroad: Nation and Diaspora in a Chinese Frame 3 2 Julia Kuehn China Abroad: Between Transnation and Translation 23 II Translating China 43 3 Qingsheng Tong Guo Songtao in London: An Unaccomplished Mission of Discovery 45 4 Shuang Shen Lu Xun, Cultural Internationalism, Leftist Periodicals and Literary Translation in the 1930s 63 Contents III China, Hong Kong, and Beyond 83 5 Elaine Yee Lin Ho Nationalism, Internationalism, the Cold War: Crossing Literary-Cultural Boundaries in 1950s Hong Kong 85 6 Wendy Gan Southwards and Outwards: Representing Chineseness in New Locations in Hong Kong Films 105 IV Chinese Cartographies in the World 121 7 Weimin Tang Translating and Transforming the American Dream: Jade Snow Wong’s Fifth Chinese Daughter and Gish Jen’s Typical American 123 8 Kenneth Chan Diasporic Desires: Narrating Sexuality in the Memoirs of Shirley Geok-lin Lim and Li-Young Lee 139 9 Colleen Lye The Sino-Japanese Conflict of Asian American Literature 155 10 Deborah L. Madsen Travels in the Body: Technologies of Waste in the Chinese Diaspora 173 11 Marie-Paule Ha The Chinese and the White Man’s Burden in Indochina 191 12 Tseen Khoo Affirming Cosmopolitanism? Chineseness and the Chinese Museum of Queensland 209 13 David Parker Our Space? Ethnicity, Diaspora, and Online Life 225 Notes 243 Works Cited 259 Index 279 vi Contents ...


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