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GLOSSARY Amtsgericht district court Animus auctoris intention of the criminal actor Animus socii acting on behalf of another Befehlsnotstand superior orders defense Beihilfe zum Mord aiding and abetting murder Berufsrichter professional judge Beschluss judicial decree Blutrichter “blood judges” (East Germany) Bundesanwaltschaft West German federal prosecutor’s office Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) West German Supreme Court (post-1949) Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) West German Federal Police Office Bundesland/Bundesländer West German State/States Central Office federal office in Ludwigsburg; coordinated investigations into suspected Nazi war criminals Deutsche Richtergesetz (DRiG) German Judges Law (1961) Einsatzgruppen operational units involved in the mass murder of Jews and others in the East Einsatz R Operation Reinhard men sent to Trieste Einsatz Reinhard Operation Reinhard (program to exterminate the Jews of the General Government) Exzeβtäter excess perpetrator Geheime Reichssache top secret matter Gehilfe accomplice Gehilfenjudikatur accomplice jurisprudence Grundgesetz (Basic Law) German Constitution of 1949 Haupttäter main perpetrators Heimtücke deception Hilfswillige (Hiwis) auxiliaries IMT International Military Tribunal/ Nuremberg JuNSV The Judiciary and Nazi Crimes Landeskriminalämter West German State Criminal Offices Landgericht regional court (state level) Glossary 292 Militärstrafgesetzbuch Military Penal Code Mittäter coperpetrator Nebenkläger person representing the victim during trial Ne bis in idem double jeopardy niedrige Beweggründe “base motives” (found in definition of murder under section 211, German Penal Code) Notstand the defense of necessity NMT National Military Tribunal Nötigungsstand the defense of duress NSDAP National Socialist German Workers Party NS-Gewaltverbrechen Nazi violent crimes Oberlandesgericht regional appellate court (state level) Plädoyer address by counsel; attorney’s speech Putativnötigungsstand putative duress Rechtsstaat state founded on the rule of law RSHA Reich Security Main Office SA Sturmabteilung, or “Storm Detachment” Schwurgericht panel of lay assessors Sondergericht special court Sonderkommando special commando Sonderkommissionen special commissions Sonderzüge special trains Spruchkammer German denazification court SS Sihutzstaffed, or “Protection Squadron” StA regional prosecutor (state level) Stand professional group StGB German Penal Code Strafanzeige criminal report Täter perpetrator Tätertyp profile of the perpetrator Täterwille will of the perpetrator Tatkomplex criminal complex Teilnahme participation in a crime Teilnehmer participant in a crime T-4 program to exterminate the disabled; administered by Hitler’s personal chancellery Totschlag manslaughter Untersuchungsrichter investigating judge Verbotsirrtum mistake of law Volksgerichtshof People’s Court ...


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