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CHRONOLOGY 1940 The “Bathtub” Case (establishing subjective theory in the classification of parties to a crime) 1941 Revision of the German murder statute, section 211, German Penal Code (Strafgesetzbuch (StGB)) Hitler issues verbal order to Himmler for extermination of the European Jews Himmler entrusts Operation Reinhard to Odilo Globocnik Construction of Belzec death camp is finished 1942 Experimental gassing at Belzec Gassing of first transports commences at Belzec Construction of Sobibor death camp is finished Experimental gassing at Sobibor Gassing of first transports commences at Sobibor Construction of Treblinka death camp is finished Gassing of first transports commences at Treblinka Transports to Belzec stop 1943 Closure and dismantlement of Belzec death camp Prisoner revolts at Treblinka and Sobibor death camps Closure and dismantlement of Treblinka and Sobibor camps 1944 Robert Vansittart publishes Bones of Contention Unsuccessful assassination attempt on Hitler Trials of resistance members implicated in the bomb plot Chronology 246 1945 End of World War II Closure of all German courts A. J. P. Taylor publishes The Course of German History International Military Tribunal begins in Nuremberg Proclamation of Allied Control Council Law No. 10 1946 Conclusion of International Military Tribunal proceedings Onset of the American National Military Tribunal in Nuremberg The Black Book is published 1947 The American “Justice” Case (U.S. v. Altstoetter) ends 1949 Creation of East and West Germany Promulgation of the West German Constitution (Grundgesetz, “Basic Law”) 1950 West German trials of Erich Bauer, Hubert Gomerski, and Johann Klier 1951 Adenauer distinguishes between “real” Nazi criminals and noncriminal Germans 1953 Gerald Reitlinger publishes The Final Solution 1955 Nazi-era offenses of assault, false imprisonment, and vandalism become time-barred Chronology 247 1956 West German Supreme Court overturns convictions of Huppenkothen and Thorbeck 1957 Onset of the East German “blood judges” campaign Bonn announces the Hallstein Doctrine The conference of state justice ministers prohibits West German contacts with the Communist east 1958 The Ulm “Einsatzgruppen” trial begins Conference of state justice ministers creates the Central Office of the State Judicial Administrations for the Investigation of National Socialist Violent Crimes Crimes of Nazi judges are excluded from the Central Office’s jurisdiction 1959 The Central Office begins its investigation of the Belzec, Treblinka, Chelmno, and Sobibor death camps 1960 Nazi-era manslaughter, assault with lethal consequence, false imprisonment with lethal consequence, and assault with lethal consequence become time-barred Arrest of Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires, Argentina 1961 An Israeli court convicts Adolf Eichmann of crimes against humanity, war crimes, crimes against the Jewish people, and membership in a criminal organization Enactment of the German Judges Law Chronology 248 1962 Adolf Eichmann is executed in Ramla, Israel The West German Supreme Court announces its verdict in the Staschinskij murder case 1963 The Düsseldorf prosecutor indicts fourteen former Treblinka guards The Munich prosecutor indicts eight former Belzec staff members 1964 A Munich regional court dismisses the indictment against seven of the eight Belzec accused Trial of former Treblinka guards begins in Düsseldorf The Dortmund prosecutor indicts twelve former Sobibor guards Conviction of all but one of the Treblinka accused 1965 A Munich regional court convicts Josef Oberhauser A Hagen regional court dismisses the indictment against seven of the twelve Sobibor defendants The Hamm Appellate Court overturns dismissal of the indictment against the Sobibor accused A Frankfurt regional court convicts former personnel of the AuschwitzBirkenau camp 1966 A Hagen regional court convicts six of the Sobibor accused 1996 A Berlin regional court repudiates the verdict in the Huppenkothen/Thorbeck case 2011 A Munich regional court convicts former Sobibor guard John Demjanjuk of complicity to murder ...


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