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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS A great many people have been involved in the production of this book, both within the United States and abroad. I would like to thank my editors, Scot Danforth and Kurt Piehler, for supporting the book from proposal to published text; the University of Tennessee Press copyeditors, Gene Adair and Thomas Wells, for their excellent preparation of the manuscript; and my two external reviewers, Devin Pendas and Nick McCall, for their sensitive readings and thoughtful comments on the manuscript. I am grateful for the support given to my research by Robert Sigel of the Bavarian State Office for Political Education; Konrad and Rita Mücke of Stuttgart, Germany; my colleague in the department of History and Social Sciences at Bryant University, Judy Barrett Litoff; the staff archivists of the federal archive in Ludwigsburg, Germany, particularly Dr. Tobias Hermann; and Wolfgang Form, project coordinator at the Research and Documentation Center for War Crimes Trials in Marburg, Germany. I would also like to thank Isabel Hull and my colleagues in the DAAD Faculty Summer Seminar at Cornell University for their helpful comments on the ideas undergirding this book. Professor Hull’s emphasis on cultural approaches to understanding law has significantly enriched my theoretical approach to these materials. Thanks also go to Kenneth Ledford for making available to me his fine article on the Wilhelmine and Nazi-era judiciary before its publication. Finally, I am grateful to Bryant University for supporting my book project through summer stipend awards, course reductions, and a much-needed sabbatical leave. ...


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