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Contents List of Plan and Plates ix Foreword by Charles Donahue xi Preface xvii List of Abbreviations xxv I. UPPER-CLASS APARTMENT HOUSING IN OSTIA AND ROME 3 II. T H E SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS OF THE ROMAN RENTAL MARKET 21 The Owners 21 Exploitation of Urban Property 26 The Roman Rental Year 34 Upper-Class Tenants 39 III. INTRODUCTION TO THE JURISTS' TREATMENT OF URBAN LEASEHOLD 48 IV. T H E ROMAN LAW OF URBAN LEASEHOLD 56 Locatio Conductio Rei and Urban Leasehold 56 Expulsion and Procedures for Expulsion 70 Justified Abandonment 92 Tenant's Pledges and the Interdict de Migrando 105 Tenant's Liabilities to his Landlord 13 5 Deductio ex Mercede and Alternatives 150 Holding Over and Leases Without Term 164 Mitigation of Damages 169 vii Contents V. RECOGNITION OF INTERESTS IN ROMAN LEASE LAW Ι 74 VI. ROMAN JURISPRUDENCE AS AN INSTRUMENT OF SOCIAL CONTROL Ι 96 Appendix A. An Egyptian "Eviction Notice" 221 Appendix B. Translation of Latin Passages Quoted in the Text 223 Index of Legal Sources 237 General Index 243 VlIl ...


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