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Contents Preface xi 1. Introduction 1 Parti. Racial Theory 2. The Theoretical Status of the Concept of Race 13 3. Where Culture Meets Structure: Race in the 1990s 22 4. Dictatorship, Democracy, and Difference: The Historical Construction of Racial Identity 37 Part II. Racial Politics 5. Contesting the Meaning of Race in the Post-Civil Rights Period 57 6. The Los Angeles "Race Riot" and Contemporary U.S.Politics 69 7. Hard Lessons: Recent Writing on Racial Politics 85 Part III. The Comparative Sociology of Race 8. Racial Formation and Hegemony: Global and Local Developments 111 9. Rethinking Race in Brazil 130 10. "The Fact of Blackness" in Brazil 148 11. Democracy Reenvisioned, Difference Transformed: Comparing Contemporary Racial Politics in the United States and Brazil 157 Notes 171 Bibliography 181 Index 195 ix This page intentionally left blank ...