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Acknowledgments AN EARLY VERSION of the fourth chapter of this book was published in On King Lear (Princeton University Press,1981), edited by Lawrence Danson. Portions of Chapter Five ap­ peared, in different form, in Focus on "Macbeth" (Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1982), edited by John Russell Brown. A version of most of the final chapter, except for theconclusion, was published in Shakespeare Survey 34 (1981), edited by Stanley Wells. In Chapter One and again in Chapter Six, I have adapted a few sentences from an essay, "Acting Values and Shakespearean Meaning: Some Suggestions," published in Shakespeare: Pattern of Excelling Nature (University of Delaware Press, 1978), edited by David Bevington and Jay L. Halio. Grateful acknowledgment is made for permission to use this material. I wish also to thank the John Simon Gug­ genheim Memorial Foundation for a fellowship which helped immeasurably in the book's completion. While pursuing this project, I have been fortunate enough to be invited to share my ideas about Shakespeare with col­ leagues at a number of colleges, universities, and other insti­ tutions. There is not enough space to record the many kind­ nesses I have received on theseoccasions and nowords adequate to express the sum of my gratitude. For the warmth of their hospitality, both intellectual andsocial, for allthey have given me of encouragement, knowledge, and illuminating advice, I would like to thank Bernard Beckerman, Ralph Berry, John Blanpied, Philip Brockbank, Marvin Carlson, Kent Cartwright , AnnJennalieCook, Alan Grob, Terence Hawkes5Jean Howard, Cyrus Hoy, DennisHuston,Susan McCloskey,Scott McMillin, Alex Newell, Edward Pechter, Norman Rabkin, Acknowledgments Carol Rosen,Meredith Skura, MichaelWarren,Stanley Wells, and John Wilders. Closer tohome, for some particularly help­ ful points of advice and guidance, I am most grateful to Mau­ rice Charneyand Paul Zimet. Itis apleasure torecord aspecial debt of gratitude to Jonas Barish, who read a draft of the book and offered extremely generous and centrally useful comments. My work is honored by his attention. Much of the book took shape in teaching, and I would like to thank the graduate students I have been privileged to work with at Princeton, especially those with whom 1read the tra­ gedies in English 5Z5. At Princeton University Press, I have enjoyed the extraordinary editorial counsel and support of Miriam Brokaw and Jerry Sherwood, who, as all who have worked with them know, represent the craft and art of pub­ lishing atits noblestand best. Mysplendidly responsible typist was Leo Charney. Finally, I cannot begin to describe all that this book owes to my wife, Eleanor Bergstein. Every page of it has benefited from her loving and rigorous attention. She is my perfect editor, mydearest friend,my heart'sdelight, mygreatest teacher. Princeton M. G. March, 1984 * Acting and Action in Shakespearean Tragedy ...


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