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Resources: 1996 The sheer extent of the current published literature on HIV/Aids presents its own problems. In the United States, reliable statistics are produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) in Atlanta, Georgia. In Britain, statistics are published on a quarterly and monthly basis by the Public Health Laboratory Service Aids Centre (HIV/STD Division, Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre), and the Scottish Centre For Infection & Environmental Health. The most useful guide to the origins and early epidemiology of HIV and Aids is to be found in Mirko Grmek The History Of Aids: Emergencies and Origins of a Modern Pandemic (Princeton UniversityPress, 1991). Epidemiological issues are also discussed in depth in the regularly updated Aids Reference Manual, edited by Keith Alcorn for NAM Publications, London. This also contains reliable, up to date information on questions of HIV transmission, safer sex, drug use, HIV testing, the law and HIV/Aids, employment issues, drug users, children and families, and prisons, etc., with its own extensive resource section. Treatment Issues The most accessible guide to biomedical research and treatment information is the regularly updated HIV & Aids Treatments Directory, edited by Edward King for NAM publications, London. Edward King also edits the excellent monthly digest, Aids Treatment Update, which is also published by NAM publications,London (16A Clapham Common Southside, London SW4 7AB). Regular American treatment information may be found in GMHC Treatment Issues, published monthly by Gay Men's Health Crisis (Treatment Education and Advocacy, 129 West 20th Street, New York NY 10011). See also Notes From The Undergound, published by People With Aids Working For Health Inc. (150 West 26th Street, New York NY 10001); and Tagline, published monthly by the Treatment Action Group (TAG) (200 East 10th Street, Suite 601, New York NY 10003). An introduction to the history of community-based treatment information networks may be found in Simon Watney, "The politics of Aids treatment information activism: a partisan view", in Paul Bywater and Eileen 167 POLICING DESIRE McLeod, (eds.) Working For Equality In Health (Routledge, London &, New York, 1996). Sociology Probably the most useful guide to the sociology of HIV/Aids is the series of books edited by Professor Peter Aggleton and his colleagues, based on a series of annual conferences on the social aspects of Aids which began in Bristol, England, in 1986. I list these chronologically (published by Palmer Press, UK): Peter Aggleton and Hilary Holmes, (eds.) Social Aspects of Aids (1988); Peter Aggleton, Graham Hart & Peter Davies, (eds.) Aids: Social Representations, Social Practices (1989); Peter Aggleton, Peter Davies & Graham Hart, (eds.) Aids: Individual, Cultural & Policy Dimensions (1990); Peter Aggleton, Graham Hart & Peter Davies, (eds.) Aids: Responses, Interventions & Care (1991); Peter Aggleton, Peter Davies & Graham Hart, (eds.) Aids: Rights, Risk 8c Reason (1992); Peter Aggleton, Peter Davies & Graham Hart, (eds.) Aids: Facing The Second Decade (1993); - and published by Taylor and Frances, London & Bristol PA Peter Aggleton, Peter Davies & Graham Hart, (eds.) Aids: Foundations For The Future (1994); Peter Aggleton, Peter Davies & Graham Hart, (eds.) Aids: Safety, Sexuality & Risk (1995). Social Issues On the subject of women and Aids, see Robin Gorna, Vamps, Virgins And Victims: How Can Women Fight Aids?, Cassell, London, 1996. On community based responses to the epidemic, see Dennis Altman, Power And Community: Organizational And Cultural Responses to Aids, Taylor &: Francis, London & Bristol PA, 1994. On gay men and Aids, see Susan Kippax, R.W. Connell, G.W. Dowsett, & June Crawford, (eds.) Aids: Sustaining Safer Sex, Gay Communities Respond to Aids, Fahner Press, London & Bristol PA, 1994; also P.M. Davies, F.C.I Hickson, P. Wetherburn, & A.J. Hunt, (eds.) Aids: Sex, Gay Men And Aids, Falmer Press, London and Bristol, PA, 1994; also Simon Watney, Practices Of Freedom: Selected Writings On HIV/Aids, Rivers Oram Press, London, Duke University Press, Durham NC, 1994; and Edward King, Safety In Numbers: Safer Sex And Gay Men, Cassell, London, 1993, Routledge, New York, 1994; and Walt Odets, In The Shadow Of The Epidemic: Being HIVNegative In The Age Of Aids, Duke University Press, Durham NC, 1995, Cassell, London, 1995. Insider views by many of the leading figures in the US response to Aids are contained in Caroline Hannaway, editor-in-chief, 168 RESOURCES Aids and the Public Debate, IOS Press, Amsterdam, 1995. General issues in HIV related health promotion work are considered in Bernie Evans, Simon Sandberg and Stuart Watson, Working Where The Risks Are: Issues In HIV Prevention, Health Education Authority, London, 1992. A useful practical guide to changes in the UK National Health Service in relation to HIV...


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