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Estelle Tarica is associate professor of Latin American literature and culture at the University of California, Berkeley. CULTURAL STUDIES OF THE AMERICAS (continued from page ii) Volume 9 Border Women: Writing from La Frontera Debra A. Castillo and María Socorro Tabuenca Córdoba Volume 8 Masking and Power: Carnival and Popular Culture in the Caribbean Gerard Aching Volume 7 Scenes from Postmodern Life Beatriz Sarlo Volume 6 Consumers and Citizens: Globalization and Multicultural Conflicts Néstor García Canclini Volume 5 Music in Cuba Alejo Carpentier Volume 4 Infertilities: Exploring Fictions of Barren Bodies Robin Truth Goodman Volume 3 Latin Americanism Román de la Campa Volume 2 Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics José Esteban Muñoz Volume 1 The Fence and the River: Culture and Politics at the U.S.–Mexico Border Claire F. Fox ...