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About the Author This page intentionally left blank ABOUT THE AUTHOR An international authority on comparative medicine and a consultant in that field to the World Health Organization in Geneva, W. I. B. Beveridge is a professor of animal pathology in the University of Cambridge School of Veterinary Medicine . Dr. Beveridge was born in Junee, Australia. He attended the University of Sydney where he earned the degrees of Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 1930 and Doctor of Veterinary Science in 1941. He received the Master of Arts degree from Cambridge in 1947 and was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine by Hannover Veterinary University in Germany in 1963. Before joining the Cambridge faculty in 1947, Dr. Beveridge served as a research bacteriologist at McMaster Animal Health Laboratory, Sydney; as a Commonwealth Fund service fellow at Rockefeller Institute, Princeton, Xew Jersey, and at the Bureau of Animal Industry in Washington, D.C.; as a research officer in virology at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute 91 Frontiers in Comparative Medicine for Medical Research in Melbourne; and as a visitingworker at the Pasteur Institutein Paris. Dr. Beveridge is the author of The Art of Scientific Investigation . His publications include numerous articles on infectious diseases of man and domestic animals. He also haswritten extensively on epidemiology, veterinary public health, and comparative medicine. 92 ...


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